County Council


Wednesday, 15 May 2019



PRESENT: Councillor J.M. Charles (Chair)



 F. Akhtar

S.M. Allen

K.V. Broom

C.A. Campbell

D.M. Cundy

S.A. Curry

C.A. Davies

T.A.J. Davies

G. Davies

H.L. Davies

I.W. Davies

J.A. Davies


S.L. Davies

W.R.A. Davies

E. Dole

J.S. Edmunds

P.M. Edwards

H.A.L. Evans

L.D. Evans

W.T. Evans

A.L. Fox

S.J.G. Gilasbey

A.D. Harries

T.M. Higgins

J.K. Howell

P.M. Hughes

P. Hughes-Griffiths

A. James

J.D. James

R. James

D.M. Jenkins

G.H. John

C. Jones

B.W. Jones

D. Jones

G.R. Jones

H.I. Jones

T.J. Jones

A. Lenny

M.J.A. Lewis

K. Lloyd

K. Madge

S. Matthews

A.S.J. McPherson

E. Morgan

S. Najmi

B.D.J. Phillips

J.S. Phillips

D. Price

J.G. Prosser

B.A.L. Roberts

E.M.J.G. Schiavone

A.D.T. Speake

L.M. Stephens

B. Thomas

E.G. Thomas

G. Thomas

J. Tremlett

A.Vaughan Owen

D.T. Williams

D.E. Williams




Also Present:

M. James, Chief Executive

C. Moore, Director of Corporate Services

J. Morgan, Director of Community Services

G. Morgans, Director of Education & Children's Services

Mrs R. Mullen, Director of Environment

W. Walters, Director of Regeneration & Policy

L.R. Jones, Head of Administration and Law

P.R. Thomas, Assistant Chief Executive (People Management & Performance)

D. Hockenhull, Marketing and Media Manager

M.S. Davies, Democratic Services Officer


Chamber, - County Hall, Carmarthen: 11.00 am - 12.30 pm




Apologies for absence were received from Councillors L. Bowen, D.C. Evans, R. Evans, C. Harris, J.P. Jenkins, A. G. Morgan (morning session), D. Nicholas, H. Shepardson, D. Thomas, G.B. Thomas and J.E. Williams.  





There were no declarations of personal interest.









·        The Chair extended his sincere condolences to the family of the late Councillor Paul James, Ceredigion, a prominent member of the Mid & West Wales Fire Authority, who had died following an accident in April;


·      The Chair extended his congratulations to the following:-


·         Dewi Griffiths, Llanfynydd, on being chosen to run for Team GB in the World Championships following his success in the London Marathon;

·         Helen Gibbon (musician), Jonathan Davies and Ken Owens (rugby players), Aled Samuel (broadcaster) and Nesta Williams (charitable work) who would be received into the Gorsedd at the National Eisteddfod of Wales;

·         Newcastle Emlyn Hockey Team – recent winners of the Welsh Hockey Cup in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff;

·         Islwyn Evans, an employee of the Council and leader of Côr Ceredigion, who had recently won Côr Cymru.


The Retiring Chair, Councillor Mansel Charles, welcomed distinguished guests, Councillors, staff and friends to the meeting.

Councillor Charles reflected on his year in office and expressed his gratitude to the Chief Executive for his advice and professional guidance, and to Directors and staff of the authority who had supported the work of the Chair, including the Democratic Services Unit, his driver Jeff Jones, and in particular Eira Evans for her professional and personal support, arranging his events and making sure that everything always ran smoothly.

He thanked his Vice Chairman, Councillor Kevin Madge, and Councillor Madge’s Consort, Mrs. Catrin Madge, for their support and company during his term of office and wished Councillor Madge well in his year of office. He also thanked his Chaplain Dr. Caroline Jones for her spiritual support and guidance throughout the year.

Councillor Charles expressed his sincere gratitude for all the support he and his consort had received throughout what he personally considered to be a very successful year in which he had travelled the length and breadth of Carmarthenshire meeting many people.

Finally he paid tribute to his consort, Mrs. Bethan Charles-Davies, who had been at his side and guided him for the last 12 months and thanked her formally for her support. He considered that it had been an honour and a privilege to serve as the Council’s Chair and thanked all for giving him the opportunity. 






It was moved by Councillor J.M. Charles and seconded by Councillor R. James and UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that Councillor K. Madge be elected Chair of Carmarthenshire County Council for the 2019/20 Municipal Year.


Councillor Kevin Madge made his declaration of acceptance of office and was invested by the retiring Chair with the Chain of Office.


Councillor Madge expressed his gratitude to all Councillors for their support in appointing him as Chair of Carmarthenshire County Council. He advised that he hoped he would emulate the high standard of Chairmanship provided by his predecessors. Councillor Madge paid tribute to the retiring Chair, Councillor J. M. Charles and presented the Retiring Chair with a Past Chair’s Commemorative Pendant. 


The retiring Chair’s consort Mrs Bethan Charles-Davies thereupon presented Mrs. Catrin Madge with her Chain of Office and Mrs. Catrin Madge presented Mrs Bethan Charles-Davies with a Past Chair’s Consort’s Commemorative Pendant.



Tributes were also paid to the Retiring Chair for the excellent service he had given to the Council by the Leaders of the Plaid Cymru, Independent, Labour and New Independent Groups.  Particular reference was made to Cllr Charles’s excellent chairmanship of Council meetings. The Chief Executive also paid tribute on behalf of the Authority’s staff to the retiring Chair who had fulfilled his role with great professionalism and had been very active and supportive of the work of the Council.






It was moved by Councillor L.M. Stephens, seconded by Councillor J. Tremlett and UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that Councillor Ieuan Davies be elected Vice-Chair of Carmarthenshire County Council for the 2019/20 Municipal Year. 


Councillor Ieuan Evans made his declaration of acceptance of office and was invested by the Chair with the Chain of Office. 


The Chair congratulated the Vice Chair and his Consort on their appointments. 

The Vice-Chair’s consort, Mrs Sue Allen, was presented with a Chain of Office by the Chair’s consort Mrs. Catrin Madge.



6.            ADJOURNMENT


It was moved by the Chair, seconded by the Vice Chair and UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the remainder of the business on the agenda should stand adjourned until 1.30 p.m. that day.





The Council reconvened in the Chamber, County Hall, Carmarthen, at 1.30 p.m.


PRESENT: Councillor K. Madge (Chair)



F. Akhtar, K.V. Broom, C.A. Campbell, J.M. Charles, D.M. Cundy, S.A. Curry, C.A. Davies, G. Davies, H.L. Davies, I.W. Davies, J.A. Davies, S. Davies, T.A.J. Davies, E. Dole, J.S. Edmunds, P.M. Edwards, H.A.L. Evans, L.D. Evans, W.T. Evans, A.L. Fox, S.J.G. Gilasbey, D. Harries, T. Higgins, J.K. Howell, P. Hughes-Griffiths, P.M. Hughes, A. James, J.D. James, R. James, D.M. Jenkins, G.H. John, A.C. Jones, B.W. Jones, D. Jones, G.R. Jones, H.I. Jones, T.J. Jones, A. Lenny, M.J.A. Lewis, K. Lloyd, S. Matthews, A.S.J. McPherson, A.G. Morgan, E. Morgan, S. Najmi, B.D.J. Phillips, J.S. Phillips, D. Price, J.G. Prosser, B.A.L. Roberts, E.M.J.G. Schiavone, B. Thomas, E.G. Thomas, G. Thomas, J. Tremlett, A. Vaughan Owen, D.T. Williams and D.E. Williams.


The following Officers were in attendance:

M. James, Chief Executive

C. Moore, Director of Corporate Services

J. Morgan, Director of Community Services

G. Morgans, Director of Education & Children's Services

Mrs R. Mullen, Director of Environment

W. Walters, Director of Regeneration & Policy

L.R. Jones, Head of Administration and Law

P.R. Thomas, Assistant Chief Executive (People Management & Performance)

D. Hockenhull, Marketing and Media Manager

M.S. Davies, Democratic Services Officer.


Chamber, County Hall, Carmarthen: 1.30 pm - 4.00 pm




8.            APOLOGIES

Further apologies for absence were received from Councillors S.M. Allen and W.R.A. Davies.





The Leader presented his Annual Report 2018-2019 which looked back upon the achievements of the Council over the past 12 months. 


This was the Leader’s fourth Annual Report and he reflected on what he considered had been a very busy time for everyone with lots of events, progress and change particularly with the uncertainty of Brexit which had created political instability at both national and local level. In spite of this he expressed delight that the leadership in Carmarthenshire, between the Plaid Cymru Group and the Independent Group, was firm and determined to do the best for local communities. 

He reminded Council that at the start of the current administration he had announced a 5-year plan with almost 100 key projects and programmes that would contribute towards improving the economic, environmental, social and cultural well-being of the residents and communities of Carmarthenshire. The Annual Report noted the progress made to date by each department of the Council. Members were apprised of some of the developments and projects that had been completed or were in the pipeline which demonstrated that Carmarthenshire was leading the way, full of ambition, to make the most for residents, communities and visitors. These included:


Space Maker project at Ammanford libraries;Toy Box at Christmas;             50+ Forum; Culture Awards; Supporting new small businesses; Youth ambassadors; Enterprise Support [Coaltown Coffee, Ammanford]; Buckley Site for Housing; A snapshot program with 6th form pupils; Promoting rural businesses; Letting Housing; Period Poverty; First Step; Sports Awards;

The Leader introduced the new ‘mini’ executive board members made up of 10 local school children who would be shadowing their ‘senior’ counterparts and emphasised the need to ensure that future generations had good work opportunities, supportive communities, and great places to enjoy as they grew up and raised their own families.


Reference was made to pupil successes in GCSEs, the National Baccalaureate and performance at key stage 5 for pupils aged 16-18 and the Leader extended his thanks to all the Headteachers and staff within the county’s schools for the care, guidance and education that they delivered to their pupils. He also expressed his pleasure to see progress in the Welsh in Education Strategic Plan and the desire to move all the county's schools along the language continuum. It was hoped that this would enable as many young people as possible in Carmarthenshire to be fully bilingual by the time they left school. He added that as a Council the progress on the education modernisation programme was pleasing with projects totalling £20m having been completed in the last 12 months. This latest investment had seen new facilities and improvements at St. John Lloyd, Ysgol Parc y Tywyn, Ysgol Pontyberem and phase 1 of the work at Ysgol Llangadog. There would be further investment of £ 4.1m over the next year at Five Roads School with other projects due to start at Gorslas School, Pembrey School and Ysgol Rhys Prichard.


The Leader referred to a number of high profile events held in Carmarthenshire such as the Celtic Media Festival, Llanelli, and more recently the Tour of Britain Cycle race which had been great advertisements for the county. This latter event had been particularly important to communities and the local economy helping to attract new investors and tourists to Carmarthenshire. He praised the way local communities had worked with the Council to make the event a success adding that in June the county would be welcoming the Womenʼs Tour of Britain Cycle race.

He commented that the administration had been clear from the outset that focusing on regeneration was key to ensuring the county's prosperity.
Over the past year, through the work of the Council, some £16m of private and external sector funding had been attracted to Carmarthenshire and support had been offered to create 419 jobs. Collaboration with key partners on plans for developments in Ammanford, Carmarthen and Llanelli continued and, over the next year, it was hoped to extend this aspiration and look to enable economic and social development in the rural towns.
The economic development teams, he added, had been proactive in engaging with businesses, offering business loans and grants to enable growth and development. The practical support offered had been well received by the sector, making Carmarthenshire an attractive location for potential investors.
Reference was made to the Swansea Bay City Deal program which the Authority was keen to progress with its partners in order to deliver the ambitious programme of projects which would make a difference to future generations.
In addition, along the Carmarthenshire coast, work had been undertaken to prepare the development of the North Dock at Llanelli, the completion of a new RNLI station at Burry Port and the foundation for a £7m investment by 2020 in Pendine. Development work also continued in Cross Hands, with a number of expressions of interest having been submitted by developers. The site was now recognized as a business centre, with unrivaled links and infrastructure which was very attractive to investors.

In conclusion the Leader stated that he looked forward to another exciting year and thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the Authority.


The Leader of the Labour Group thanked the Leader of the Council for his report. He congratulated the Council on what had been accomplished and paid tribute to the contribution of partners.


Councillor Mair Stephens, speaking on behalf of the Independent Group, stated that the Leader’s report encapsulated all the excellent work being undertaken by the Authority.


Retirement of Mr. Mark James CBE, Chief Executive

The Leader referred to the forthcoming retirement of Mr. Mark James CBE, Chief Executive, and paid tribute to the leadership, vision and support Mr. James had provided over the last 20 years in that capacity. Mr. James was presented with a commemorative album of photographs covering his period of office. Mr. James thanked the Leader and Members for their gift and reflected on what he considered to be the highlights and notable achievements during his time with the Authority. He also thanked Members and staff for all their support and wished Wendy Walters, the new Chief Executive, every success.


The Leaders of the Labour, Independent and New Independent Groups, together with a number of other Members, paid tribute to Mr. James.


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the Leader’s Annual report, as circulated at the meeting, be noted.





Council was informed that the Executive Board, at its meeting held on the 7th May 2019, had considered a report on the Revised Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan 2018-2033 Draft Pre-Deposit Preferred Strategy, produced in response to the Council’s decision on the 10th January, 2018 to commence preparation works on the revised plan. This represented an important milestone in the Council delivering on its statutory responsibilities to prepare an up-to-date plan for the County (excluding the area falling within the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority). It was noted that the report contained 344 representations received in response to the public consultation exercise undertaken between the 12th December, 2018 and the 8th February, 2018.

Views were expressed on the need to ensure that transport infrastructure and climate change concerns were addressed and underpinned new developments.  It was also commented that the new LDP would hopefully permit small housing developments in rural areas and the conversion of old rural buildings into economic hubs.


RESOLVED that the following recommendations of the Executive Board be adopted:



10.1 the representations received in respect of the Draft Pre-Deposit Preferred Strategy be noted and the recommendations ratified;

10.2 the representations received in respect of the Sustainability  Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) Initial Report, Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) Screening Report and the LDP Review Report be noted and the recommendations ratified;

10.3  delegated authority be granted to officers to:-

·               amend the Preferred Strategy in light of the recommendations emerging from the SA/SEA, HRA process and emerging evidence as part of the preparation of the Deposit LDP;

·               make non substantive typographical or factual amendments as necessary to improve the clarity and accuracy of the Delivery Agreement.’





The Council considered the composition of Regulatory, Scrutiny, Other Committees and Panels and the membership of those committees. The Leaders of the Political Groups confirmed that there were no additional membership changes.


It was duly moved and seconded and

RESOLVED that the composition and membership of Regulatory, Scrutiny, Other Committees and Panels for the 2019/20 Municipal Year, as detailed within the report be approved.





The Council, in accordance with Corporate Procedure Rule CPR 17.6, considered nominations which had been received for the appointment of Chairs and Vice Chairs of Committees for the 2019/20 Municipal Year. 

It was duly moved and seconded and


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the following appointments to Chairs and Vice Chairs of Regulatory, Scrutiny, Other Committees and Panels be made for the 2019/20 Municipal Year:-




Community Scrutiny Committee

To be appointed by the Committee

Councillor G.B. Thomas

Education & Children Scrutiny Committee

Councillor D. Price

Councillor E.G. Thomas

Environmental & Public Protection Scrutiny Committee

Councillor J.D. James

Councillor A. Vaughan Owen

Policy & Resources Scrutiny Committee

Councillor A.G. Morgan

Councillor G. John

Social Care & Health Scrutiny Committee

Councillor G. Thomas

Councillor I.W. Davies

Appeals Committee

Councillor J.K. Howell

Councillor S.M. Allen

Appointments Committee A - Directors

Councillor E. Dole

Councillor L.M. Stephens

Appointments Committee B - Heads of Service

Councillor L.M. Stephens

Councillor E. Dole

Democratic Services Committee

Councillor S. Curry

Councillor W.T. Evans

Planning Committee

Councillor A. Lenny

Councillor H.I. Jones

Licensing Committee

Councillor E.G. Thomas

Councillor D.E. Williams

Member Appointments Committee

Councillor A.D.T. Speake

Councillor W.R.A. Davies

Housing Review Panel

Councillor G.B. Thomas

Councillor I.W. Davies

Dyfed Pension Fund Committee

Councillor D.E. Williams

Not required





Council considered a report which advised that constitutionally it had responsibility for adopting a Scheme of Members’ Allowances but that the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW) prescribed the amounts to be paid with a view to providing a consistent national framework for councillor remuneration. Council had considered changes for 2019/20 at its meeting held on 10th April, 2019.  A copy of the Allowances Scheme adopted by Council for 2019/20 amended for implementation for the 2019/20 municipal year was attached to the report for consideration.

It was noted that the names of Councillors F. Akhtar, J.M. Charles and H.I. Jones should also be included in list of members entitled to the basis salary payment and the names of Councillors I.W. Davies and K. Madge deleted.

The report also contained amendments to Licensing functions to reflect the recommendations of the Constitutional Review Working Group held on 8th May, 2019.



13.1   to adopt the Councillors’ and Co-opted Members’ Salaries and Allowances Scheme for 2019/20 as detailed within the report;

13.2 to approve any necessary membership changes to the Constitution arising from decisions made earlier in the meeting;

13.3   to amend Part 3.1 Table 2 Local Choice functions - Function 23 – Licensing functions in accordance with the revised Licensing Policy approved by Council on the 12th December 2018;

13.4  that the Monitoring Officer be authorised to make any minor amendments, correct typographical or drafting errors and ensure all cross-references within the Constitution are correct and that these be reported to the Constitutional Review Working Group as and when necessary;

13.5  that subject to recommendations 1 – 4 above, the Council Constitution be adopted for 2019/20.









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