Executive Board


Monday, 26 June 2017


PRESENT: Councillor L.M. Stephens (Chair);



H.A.L. Evans, L.D. Evans, D.M. Jenkins, P.M. Hughes, P. Hughes-Griffiths, G. Davies and C.A. Campbell;


Present as Observers:-

Councillors D.M. Cundy, S. Davies, J.S. Edmunds, R. James and J. Prosser;


The following Officers were in attendance:

M. James, Chief Executive;

C. Moore, Director of Corporate Services;

J. Morgan, Director of Community Services;

G. Morgans, Interim Director of Education & Children's Services;

R. Mullen, Director of Environment;

L.R. Jones, Head of Administration and Law;

W. Walters, Assistant Chief Executive (Regeneration & Policy);

J. Fearn, Head of Property;

S.E. Watts, Public Health Services Manager;

D. Hockenhull, Marketing and Media Manager;

M.S. Davies, Democratic Services Officer.


Chamber, County Hall, Carmarthen - 10.00 am - 10.45 am




Apologies for absence were received from Councillors E. Dole and J. Tremlett.





There were no declarations of personal interest.




3.            MINUTES - 2ND MAY 2017


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board held on the 2nd May 2017 be signed as a correct record.





The Chair advised that no questions on notice had been submitted by members.





The Chair advised that no public questions on notice had been received.





The Executive Board considered a report on the Authority’s Service Standards and Enforcement Policy which had been collated as a result of corporate consultation within the relevant Departments and approval was sought to consult widely by means of the corporate website. It was noted that the section for ‘Appointments’ contained in the ‘Service standards’ needed to be amended to reflect the fact that the Customer Service Centres now operated an appointments system following the cessation of the ‘pilot’ scheme.

Councillor D. Cundy, with regards to new housing developments, enquired whether, where contracts had been given to the buyers of the houses, these contracts could be subject to “Conditional Enforcement” by the Council. He referred specifically to instances where house owners gardens were subjected to flooding. The Executive Board Member – Public Protection responded that the Council would have to rely on relevant statutory powers and that all prospective house purchasers needed to exercise caution.



6.1        that the text in the ‘Appointments’ section of the ‘CARMARTHEN COUNTY COUNCIL SERVICE STANDARDS’ be amended to read as follows:


‘All of our Customer Service Centres operate an appointments system.  The aim is to improve the customer experience and improve service delivery.  You can now book an appointment at any of our Customer Service Centres in Ammanford, Carmarthen and Llanelli at a date and a time to suit you.

If you wish to make an appointment or to discuss any Council matter then please telephone our Contact Centre on 01267 234567.  You are able to book and manage your appointments online’;


6.2      that a consultation process on the Corporate Enforcement Policy be  commenced with appropriate stakeholders for a period of 6 weeks;


6.3      that comments made during the consultation process be considered with a view to adopting the Corporate Enforcement Policy.





The Executive Board considered a report on the appointment of Proper Officers from the Health Authority (Public Health Wales) for the purposes of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 (as amended by the Health and Social Care Act 2008) and Regulations made under the 1984 Act.




7.1      that the Authority appoints the following named consultants from the Health Authority as Proper Officers for the purposes of Health Protection Legislation:-


Mrs. Heather Lewis             Consultant in Health Protection;

Mr. Sion Lingard                 Consultant in Health Protection;

Dr. Christopher Johnson Consultant in Health Protection;

Dr. Rhianwen Stiff             Consultant in Communicable Disease Control;

Dr. Brendan Mason           Consultant in Communicable Disease Control;

Dr. Gwen Lowe                   Consultant in Communicable Disease Control;

Dr. Graham Brown            Consultant in Communicable Disease Control;

Dr. Meirion Evans               Consultant Epidemiologist;

Dr. Christopher Williams  Consultant Epidemiologist;

Dr. Giri Shakar                   Professional Lead Consultant for Health   Protection.




7.2       that the appointments take immediate effect and continue until:-

            - the Council revokes the appointment or,

- the officer provided the Council with 3 months written notice of resignation or,

- the officer ceased employment with the health authority.





The Executive Board considered the revenue budget monitoring report which provided the year-end financial position for the 2016/17 financial year.


The final outturn figures indicated an overspend for the year at departmental level of £1,093k.  This had been offset by an underspend of £5,286k on capital charges and the resultant outturn meant that the Authority was forecasting a transfer of £523k into its general reserves.  The Housing Revenue Account had returned a £2k underspend.


The Executive Board Member – Education and Children, in response to a comment, accepted that new school based EVR and redundancy costs were high but advised that the matter was being looked into on a county-wide basis.

UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the Revenue Budget Monitoring Report be received.



9.            CAPITAL PROGRAMME 2016-17 UPDATE

The Executive Board considered a report providing an update of the final budgetary position for the 2016/17 capital programme as at the 31st March, 2017. The actual net spend of £42,071k compared with a working net budget of £69,921k gave a variance of £27,850k. This would be slipped into future years with schemes being re-profiled, as the funding was required to ensure that the schemes were completed.


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the capital programme update report be received.





Further to the decision made by the Executive Board at its meeting held on 15th December, 2014 (minute 11 refers) in relation to the asset transfer of parks, playgrounds and amenity areas, the Board considered a report which provided an update on progress made in relation to community asset transfers, including details of completed transfers, and a proposed way forward.


In response to a question from Councillor D. Cundy the Executive Board Member – Resources advised that Parc Howard, Llanelli, was no longer on the asset transfer list.




10.1      that the present status of various transfers to Community Councils and sporting organisations be noted;


10.2      that assets that have received no Expression of Interest [EOI] be consulted upon with the various stakeholders on the future of the relevant assets;


10.3      that in order to promote the transfer process in the final year leading up to 31st March 2018 deadline, all interested parties (assets in categories ‘B’ & ‘C’ in the report) be allowed a grant of 2x the annual maintenance irrespective of the reasons for any delay to date and, to reflect the concession being made and incentivise early completion of the remaining transfers, the Maintenance Grant be reduced by 1/24th per month from 1st April 2017, up to the date of transfer.




The Executive Board considered a report which detailed the advisory panels established by the previous administration to report on various issues and was invited to review their purpose, functions and membership and to determine which ones it wished to retain and any new panels it wished to establish. The Board was also asked whether it wished to add the Rural Working Group, minute 10.1 of the Executive Board meeting held on the 2nd May 2017 refers, to its list of Advisory Panels and to consider membership thereof.


The Chair advised that in order to avoid any delay in the appointment of members to sit on the Advisory Panels nominations had been sought from the Leaders of the political groups though these were still awaited in some cases.


In response to a question from Councillor D. Cundy as to whether it would be possible to establish an ‘Urban Working Group” to mirror the proposed ‘Rural Working Group’ and link both into an expanded ‘Tackling Poverty Advisory Panel’ the Executive Board Member – Communities and Rural Affairs advised that the latter covered the whole of Carmarthenshire and that task groups had already been established to look into the economic and social needs of the three main urban areas of Llanelli, Ammanford and Carmarthen. Each of these groups would feed into the Tackling Poverty Advisory Panel.




11.1 that the advisory panels established by the previous administration be retained and that a Rural Working Group be established with the membership as detailed in the circulated report;


11.2  Group leaders be requested to submit their outstanding nominations for membership of Executive Board Advisory Panels to the Chief Executive with a view to these being endorsed at the next meeting.





The Executive Board, as a consequence of the recent Local Government Elections, was circulated with a list of notified Outside Bodies in order to determine whether the Council should make/continue to make an appointment to those bodies. An initial review of the list of outside bodies had been undertaken to ascertain the current status of the existing organisations and to put forward an up-to-date list for appointment.


The Chair advised that, as in the case with Advisory Panels in minute 11 above,  in order to avoid any delay in the appointment of members to sit on the Outside Bodies nominations had been sought from the Leaders of the political groups though these were still awaited in some cases.




12.1 that Group leaders be requested to submit their outstanding nominations for representation on Outside Bodies to the Chief Executive with a view to these being endorsed at the next meeting;


12.2  that Members appointed to serve on outside bodies be required to report back on meetings of those bodies and an appropriate mechanism be established to facilitate this.







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