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Llanelli Town Council Whilst it is understood that Llanelli Town Council did not originally object to the proposal at their meeting, in their response they have objected to the application on the basis that it would adversely affect the amenity of neighbouring properties and is thus contrary to Policies GP1 and GP6 of the LDP. The Town Council welcomes the request for a site visit by the Planning Committee.


Local Members – County Councillor L Roberts opines that the proposal will overlook the neighbouring property and will compromise the privacy of 106 Pentre Nicklaus. Councillor Roberts requests that the Planning Committee undertake a site visit prior to determining the application.


County Councillor J Prosser, who is a Member of the Planning Committee, also requests that the Planning Committee undertake a site visit prior to determining the application.


Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water – No objection.


Neighbours/Public – 2no. neighbouring properties were notified of the application. To date four letters of representation has been received raising the following objections:-


·         Loss of privacy as a result of overlooking from the proposed balcony;

·         Loss of morning sunlight, which will also result in a damper garden;

·         Loss of views of the golf course to the east;

·         The increased footprint of the property will exacerbate existing drainage problems in the garden;

·         Devaluation of property;

·         Request that the Planning Committee undertake a site visit prior to determining the application.




The following previous applications have been received on the application site:-


S/12435         Proposed amendments to previously approved

                        application ref. LL/02037 dated 19.09.02 to include

                        change of house types, plot re-orientation, plot and

                        highway re-alignment and amended slab levels

                        Full planning permission                                       20 April 2006 


LL/02037       Residential – 176 houses

                        Full planning permission                                       19 September 2002 


S/03042         Residential

                        Outline planning permission                                 24 May 2001 






The application site consists of a modern detached dwelling located on the Pentre Nicklaus Village housing development in Machynys, Llanelli. The property itself occupies a corner plot on the estate.




The application seeks full planning permission to construct a single storey flat roof rear extension with balcony above. The proposed extension is 8.4 metres in width, 4 metres in depth and is 2.8m high to the top of the flat roof. The proposal will provide additional kitchen and living area at ground floor, with a balcony above accessed from the first floor study via a new set of sliding doors. The proposed balcony is surrounded by a glazed balustrade, whilst a 1.8m high obscure glazed screen is proposed on the western elevation of the balcony.




The area is covered by the Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan that was formally adopted in December 2014. The application site is located within the defined settlement limits of Llanelli as delineated within the Adopted LDP and the key relevant policies are as follows:-


Policy GP1 of the LDP promotes sustainability and high quality design, and seeks to ensure that development conforms with and enhances the character and appearance of the site, building or area in terms of siting, appearance, scale, height, massing, elevation treatment and detailing. It also seeks to ensure that proposals do not have a significant impact on the amenity of adjacent properties.


Policy GP6 of the LDP relates specifically to domestic extension proposals and states that extensions should be subordinate in scale and external appearance in comparison to the host dwelling; should not adversely affect the amenities of neighbouring properties; and should allow for sufficient garden amenity space to remain.




As aforementioned in this report, three neighbouring properties have objected to the application along with another member of the public.  Both Local County Councillors have also provided comments whilst the Town Council has also raised objections. The material reasons for concern and objection raised will now be addressed individually as part of this appraisal, however as Members will be aware, there is no legal right to a view whilst devaluation of property is also not a material planning consideration.


In terms of overlooking from the proposed balcony, as aforementioned the proposal makes provision for a 1.8m high obscure glazed screen on the western elevation facing no.106 Pentre Nicklaus. This will ensure that users of the balcony cannot directly overlook the objector’s property from an elevated position. In addition to this, the existing dwelling is orientated in a south easterly direction ensuring that views are focussed away from the objector’s dwelling.


With regard to no. 97, this property which has its own rear balcony is located on the opposite side of the road from the application property and therefore it is considered that there is no immediate effect upon the privacy and amenity of that property.  In terms of no. 104a, views from the proposed balcony will primarily look out at the pine end and front of this property and therefore will not result in any adverse amenity implications.


With regards to loss of sunlight, the proposed extension is only single storey and is not considered excessive in scale. The proposal is also offset away from the boundary with the objector’s property. Therefore it is not considered that the proposal will adversely affect the amount of sunlight entering no.106 Pentre Nicklaus. It is worth noting that an extension of the scale currently proposed, with the exception of the balcony, would not normally require planning permission, however Permitted Development Rights were removed on this housing development.


Finally in terms of drainage, it is considered that the proposed development will not exacerbate any existing drainage problems in the rear garden area of no.106 Pentre Nicklaus. Sufficient garden space remains at the application property to ensure that adequate drainage systems can be put in place, and this will be safeguarded at any subsequent Building Regulations stage. It is worth noting that the land falls away from the rear of the dwelling towards the south east corner of the garden.




The proposed extension and balcony are considered acceptable in size, scale and design terms in keeping with the property itself and immediate environs. The proposal will not in the LPA’s opinion result in any adverse amenity issues whilst it is considered that the issues of concern and objection raised have adequately been addressed as part of the above appraisal. Sufficient rear garden amenity space will remain post development.


On balance after careful examination of the site and its surrounding environs in the context of this application, together with the representations received to date it is considered that the proposal does accord with the Policies contained within the Adopted LDP. As such the application is put forward with a recommendation for approval.






1          The development hereby approved shall be commenced before the expiration of five years from the date of this permission.


2          The development hereby permitted shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the following schedule of plans received on the 15th October, 2018:-


·         Block and location plans (001) 1:200; 1:500; 1:1250 @ A3;

·         Existing floor plans (101) 1:100 @ A3;

·         Proposed floor plans (102A) 1:100 @ A3.


3          Prior to the commencement of development full constructional detail inclusive of scaled drawings (1:20) of the proposed 1.8m high obscure glazed screen on the western side of balcony as shown on the approved drawings shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The approved screen should then be constructed in strict accordance with the approved detail prior to the beneficial use of the balcony.




1          Required to be imposed pursuant to Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


2          In the interest of visual amenity.


3          In order to preserve residential amenity.




The decision to grant planning permission has been taken in accordance with Section 38 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, which requires that, in determining a planning application the determination must be in accordance with the Development Plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.


·         It is considered that the proposal complies with Policy GP1 of the LDP in that it is appropriate in terms of scale and design, and will not cause unacceptable loss of amenity to neighbouring uses.


·         It is considered that the proposed development complies with Policy GP6 of the LDP in that it is appropriate in terms of scale and design, sufficient amenity/garden space remains, and it shall not adversely affect the amenities of the occupiers of the neighbouring properties.




1          Comments and guidance received from consultees relating to this application, including any other permissions or consents required, are available on the Authority’s website.


2          Please note that this consent is specific to the plans and particulars approved as part of the application.  Any departure from the approved plans will constitute unauthorised development and may be liable to enforcement action.  You (or any subsequent developer) should advise the Council of any actual or proposed variations from the approved plans immediately so that you can be advised how to best resolve the matter.


            In addition, any Conditions which the Council has imposed on this consent will be listed above and should be read carefully.  It is your (or any subsequent developers') responsibility to ensure that the terms of all Conditions are met in full at the appropriate time (as outlined in the specific condition).


            The commencement of development without firstly meeting in full the terms of any Conditions which require the submission of details prior to the commencement of development will constitute unauthorised development.  This will necessitate the submission of a further application to retain the unauthorised development and may render you liable to formal enforcement action.


            Failure on the part of the developer to observe the requirements of any other Conditions could result in the Council pursuing formal enforcement action in the form of a Breach of Condition Notice.