Executive Board Member Decisions Meeting for Culture, Sport and Tourism


17 DECEMBER 2019


PRESENT: Councillor: P. Hughes-Griffiths (Executive Board Member).


The following officers were in attendance:

H. Parsons, Assistant Marketing & Media Manager;

J. Hancock, Flagship Social Enterprise Development Officer;

J. Owen, Democratic Services Officer.


Regeneration Meeting Room, County Hall, Carmarthen: 11:00am - 11:15am





There were no declarations of personal interest.




2.            DECISION RECORD - 26TH NOVEMBER, 2019


RESOLVED that the decision record of the meeting held on the
26th November, 2019 be signed as a correct record.






The Executive Board Member considered a report which sought approval on a proposal to make amendments to the scoring criteria and funding levels of the Events Support Scheme for 2020/21.


The Events Support Fund Scheme, as part of a series of actions to grow the contribution of events and festivals in Carmarthenshire, had allocated £20,000 since 2017.


The Scheme aimed to provide financial assistance to events in the County which was able to demonstrate a contribution to the Tourism, Community and Economic strategic aims.


It was reported that whilst applications invariably varied in type, size, lifespan, ticketing, location and objective, the scheme had proved to be a valuable asset to event organisers.  


The Executive Board Member noted that the proposal had arisen following a recent audit which provided officers, who formed the Panel, with an opportunity to review the process and information provided. 


In respect of tourism and community sectors, the two primary types of event applications received, it was proposed to adjust the scoring criteria and funding level to better reflect the range of applications from both the tourism and community large scale event organisers.


The revised scoring criteria set a specific criterion for each of the two types as well as offering a financial ceiling of £2,000 for community events and keeping the maximum for larger tourism focused events at £5,000.


It was reported that should the proposal be accepted, the revised scoring criteria would be duly communicated to members of the events network circle and placed on the Council website in January, 2020 in readiness for the revised criteria to be implemented for events taking place from April 2020. 


RESOLVED that the amendments to the scoring criteria and funding levels
of the Events Support Scheme for 2020/21, as set out in the report, be approved.







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