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Executive Board Member Decisions Meeting for the Leader

Targeted Finance Fund


Report Author: Jonathan Hancock

Tel: 01269 590216


Budget Available - £56,000.00


Report Value - £12,000.00



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Application Reference: TFF-19- 04


Project Title

The STEP-UP Project


The Family Foundation



Key Account Management


The Targeted Finance Fund is a discretionary fund available to Key Account Management (KAM) clients. For an organisation to become a KAM client they must be a third sector not for profit organisation that falls into one of the following 3 categories:


·         Existing social enterprises that have the potential to grow, be sustainable and create employment

·         Emerging projects that have the potential to create jobs a

·         Third sector organisations that deliver vital services within our communities


Project 3Description

During 2017-2018 the Family Foundation undertook a pilot project to engage with individuals and families from Carmarthenshire into targeted learning & skills development activities to promote access to skills & employment. The project developed community engagement links with the community and identified trends in needs and identified key areas of barriers to learning for adults. The project assisted communities to develop skills in terms of closing the skills and qualification gaps. This project was a starting point and as a pilot was very successful.


The next step would be to capitalise on the pilot project and take the key points learnt into the next phase by developing more specific and targeted learning and training programmes for adults across a range of communities – Targeting numeracy & literacy gaps and key training areas aimed at enhancing confidence, raising self-esteem and improving adult life skills to enter employment.


The project will aim to make individuals and families increasingly aware and engaged with the project services, supporting them with individually focused learning pathway plans to develop confidence, resiliency and skills to inspire individuals to achieve goals through developing new skills and work towards training and qualifications.


Learning will take place within the community, and will be tailored to the individual providing various options such as accredited learning, work trials, further education and localised training on the doorstep in suitable community accessible venues


Working with key organisations in the community to engage with adults. This will include – LINKS, Fresh Start, Carmarthenshire Action Team, Age Concern, Job Centre Plus & Yr Hwb.   Along with direct referrals from other third sector organisations and self-referrals.


The Family Foundation will establish links with key organisations to promote our programmes to engage adults to STEP UP and help take control of their lives to move out of poverty and develop resiliency & confidence skills to gain new or better employment and to help them where possible move out of the benefits system.


The Family Foundation will also work in partnership with providers who are struggling to engage individuals to mainstream education/training so that more localised on the doorstep approach can be coordinated and facilitated.


The funding from TFF will be utilised towards salary & on costs to employ a Project Officer who will manage and deliver the project on the ground to ensure the smooth delivery of the project aims & objectives working closely with the organisations board of trustees.


The grant will also pay for accredited training costs to deliver accredited on the doorstep training in the targeted communities.


Economic Benefit

·         Number of individuals into training/education - 100

·         Number of individuals into volunteering - 6

·         Number of community groups/organisations assisted - 1

·         Number of social enterprises created - 0

·         Number of social enterprises supported - 1

·         Number of jobs created – 3 (1 officer & 2 people into employment)

·         Number of jobs safeguarded - 0

·         Public and private leverage funding £8,000


Total Project Cost


Eligible Capital


Eligible Revenue






Ineligible Costs


Amount and % of

grant requested


Match funding







Project Officer costs £18,000

Accreditation costs £1,500

External Venue Hire – Community venues £500





£12,000.00 @ 60%




Own funds secured


Cllr and Officer Consultations Undertaken

·         Fresh Start - Andrew Walters 

·         Carmarthenshire Action Team - Phil Amos

·         RLSP – Rachel Clegg

·         Communities for Work – Rhys Harries

·         Cllr Suzy Curry

·         Cllr Andre McPherson

Evidence of Need /

Community Engagement

The family foundation has been in existing for 5 years and continues to meet the needs of those furthest away form the job market.  Fresh start and Carmarthenshire Action Team refer regularly into their project

Contributing to key Strategies

The ‘STEP UP’ project links to Carmarthenshire Well-being objectives and supports the following objectives-


·         Objective 4 of Start Well that is aimed at ensuring all young people are in Education, employ mentor Training and are following productive learning and career pathways. STEP UP will support reducing NEETS by providing focused support, learning pathways and work trial

·         Objective 5 Start Well/Live Well-Tackle poverty by doing all we can to prevent it, help people into work & improve the lives of those living in poverty

·         Objective 6 Live Well - Create more jobs and growth throughout the county

·         Objective 8 Live Well-Help people live healthy lives. Living healthy lives allows people to fulfil their potential and aim higher in their lives.


Regional Employment & Skills Plan 2019 for South West Wales


·         In order to transform our economy our project links to the regional skills plan and linking to the key priority areas. Our project will increase the proportion of the workforce with higher level skills to try to ensure the future skills supply is flexible and responsive to the growth sectors identified in the economic data identified in the plan.




Business Plan/Officer Comments including details of support moving forward/next steps linked to growth and sustainability


The Family Foundation has successfully been in operation for the past 5 years and are not reliant on grant income solely to run as an organisation. Funds include Active Inclusion, Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust and other private unrestricted funds.


They are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and have successfully applied to deliver services that generate income into the organisation.   


They anticipate this project will develop a successful model that can be delivered in other communities in Carmarthenshire. The aim is to demonstrate through the success of this project the scope to deliver on a contracted basis to other providers and affiliates that may be interested.


Anticipate requests to purchase Family & Adult Learning training packages that have targeted focus in other parts of the county.


As part of the KAM process a Bureau Officer will work closely with the Charity to ensure project outcomes and sustainable actions that will ensure that the organisation continues to become financially secure.


Emphasis will be placed on the Officer to fully engage with ‘Yr Hwb’ and ‘Communities for Work’ as additional support to assist clients to move closer to the world of work.





Award - £12,000.00


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