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Application Reference – WCF-19-34


Project Title

Llanelli Railway Goods shed – Phase 1


The Llanelli Railway Goods Shed Trust


Project Description

The Llanelli Railway Goods Shed Trust (LRGST) aim to transform the building into an innovative flagship social enterprise which will address social, economic, environmental and cultural issues.

In its present condition the Goods Shed comprises over l7l9m2 of floor space, made up of offices (249.2m2), the Railway Goods Shed (715.5m2) with additional basement area (300.1m2) and a steel canopy extension (455.0.2). In addition to these structures, the surrounding goods yard, in excess of 1.179 hectares offers further potential for development on site.


Due to the scale and ambition of the project the Trust has adopted a phased approach for the redevelopment of the building. The development has been broken down into 4 phases, each with their own sustainable outcomes that are aligned with the overall vision for the Goods Shed. The phases are as follows:


·         Phase I - The Good Start Project

The redevelopment of the dilapidated western block which is adjacent to the main Shed and will include a heritage area and public access within a section of the main Shed.


·         Phase 2 - Our Town Project

The redevelopment of the main shed and expansion of the car park.


·         Phase 3 - Living and Growing Project

Development of 1.2 acres of land. This includes an area covered by a steel canopy which will be transformed into a horticultural area.


·         Phase 4 - The Basement, Making Tracks Project.



Across the four phases this landmark regeneration scheme will see the transformation of 1.179 hectares of land brought into a use as a vibrant multi-purpose sustainable community facility for all.


The first phase- the subject of this grant application - will include the renovation of the Office building and repairs/access to the main Shed and will provide:


·         Office space for micro business start-ups to enhance employment opportunities

·         Space for social enterprises to enhance training and employment opportunities

·         Community Hub

·         Housing Tenants Resource Centre

·         A heritage centre focusing on the railway and industrial history of Llanelli


In order to proceed with the project funding is required to finance consultant services to complete designs and prepare tender documents in accordance with RIBA Stage 4 for the construction phase.


Carmarthenshire County Council has applied for capital funding from the Welsh Government Targeted Regeneration Fund to complete the refurbishment of the Offices and have indicated they would also be

prepared to pay for the RIBA Stage 4 development work.


However, as part of the ownership transfer arrangements with Network Rail (current owners) – the Trust also need to undertake certain repairs to the main Shed. This will facilitate the freehold transfer

and will permit limited public access to this area. The Trust is therefore seeking a contribution toward the consultant services for this element of the works.


Total Project Cost


Eligible Capital 




Eligible  Revenue


Ineligible Costs

£15,325.00 Net




Design & Development work for RIBA stage 4 – shed repairs








Cllr and Officer Consultations Undertaken

·         Cllr Suzy Curry

·         Cllr Andre McPherson

·         Stuart Walters – Economic Development Manager


Ownership/ Lease


Funding Package


Value of Community Investment


Amount of grant requested


Value of Levered Funds

£15,325.00 Net



£ 15,325.00



£1,532.50 @ 10%




 £10,000.00 – Railway Heritage Trust secured

£3,792.50 – Own funds secured



Economic Benefit

·         Number of individuals into training/education

·         Number of Jobs safeguarded

·         Number of individuals into volunteering - 5

·         Number of individuals into employment

·         Number of community assets 1

·         Number of new services created 3

·         Number of physical improvements – 1

·         Number of environmental improvement scheme

Officer Comments

The organisation is Key Account Managed closely by the CCC Bureau officers and regular meetings consist of further development and long term sustainability, the group’s governance and business plan are strong.



Officer Recommendation


Award - £1,532.50



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