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Full Planning


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Zoe James






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This application is being reported to the Planning Committee following a call-in request by Cllr Karen Davies.




The application site consists of the curtilage of the existing dwellinghouse no. 29 Cwmfferws Road, Tycroes. The detached two storey dwellinghouse is situated in the north western corner of the site fronting onto the main road with the existing single storey garage to the south. To the rear of the property lies a large rectangular shaped garden backing onto Fferws Hill. There is an existing single storey extension onto the rear elevation. The submitted plans show the dwelling with a cream render finish with two windows at ground floor and two in line above at first floor.  However, from a site visit it appears changes to the front elevation of the dwelling including the creation of a new front door, installation of oak lintels and exposure of the existing stonework has already been undertaken.




The planning application seeks full planning permission for demolition of part of the existing dwelling and erection of a two storey rear extension alongside replacement of the garage roof.  The existing 3.5 metre two storey element of the dwelling alongside the 3 metre single storey extension is proposed to be demolished. In its place, albeit offset slightly from the main dwelling, a 9 metre long two storey extension is proposed with a new pitched roof. The proposed extension contains a large open plan kitchen, dining room and sitting area with a separate utility room at ground floor, a new WC is also proposed at ground floor within the existing dwelling. An exposed flu is proposed on the south elevation of the extension to accommodate a free standing log burner. At first floor, the extension will provide 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the master bedroom will also have dedicated separate en-suite and dressing room. The existing two bedrooms within the main part of the original dwelling will remain with the creation of an en-suite to one of the bedrooms.  The extension will result in the dwelling becoming a 6 bedroom property from 3 bedroom as existing.


The extension will comprise a pitched roof with the external finish of the walls to be cream painted smooth cast render, similar to the existing property.  For the front elevation of the main element of the property the application refers to exposure of the existing stonework, instillation of new oak timbers above each window and creation of a new front door. As referred to above, this element of the scheme has already been undertaken. 


On the rear elevation, two large bi-folding doors are proposed at ground floor and a large vertical window at first floor. On the side elevation to the north, a single new obscure glazed window is proposed at first floor level for one of the bedrooms and three velux windows for the bedroom and bathroom.  On the southern side elevation, two new windows and a new door is proposed at ground floor with 3 windows proposed at first floor.


The application also seeks permission for alterations to the existing garage through the provision of a saddle roof with timber kingpost on the front elevation and relocation of single access door from the rear to northern side elevation. A bat box is proposed to be affixed to the northern side elevation of the existing part of the dwelling in line with the recommendations within the Bat Survey Report.


Planning Site History


The following previous applications have been received on the application site:-



Withdrawn prior to registration – January 2019 


Planning Policy


In the context of the Authority’s current Local Development Plan (LDP) the site is located within the Development Limits. Reference is drawn to the following policies of the Plan:-


Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan (Adopted December 2014) (‘the LDP’)

SP1 Sustainable Places and Spaces                                                     

GP6 Extensions      

EQ7 Development within the Caeau Mynydd Mawr SPG Area         


Carmarthenshire Supplementary Planning Guidance 


National Planning Policy and Guidance is provided in Planning Policy Wales (PPW) Edition 10,  December 2018 and associated Technical Advice Notes (TANs) published by Welsh Government.


Summary of Consultation Responses


Head of Transportation & Highways -No objections.


Planning Ecology – have issued a bat advisory and requested a condition is added to any permission granted.


Sustainable Drainage Approval Body (SAB)– advised of the new drainage legislation and application likely to be necessary for SAB approval.


Llandybie Community Council - No observations to make.


Local Member(s) - Councillor Karen Davies has requested that the application is brought to Planning Committee for determination and a site visit is undertaken.


Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water – request condition added to any permission granted.


All representations can be viewed in full on our website.


Summary of Public Representations


The application was the subject of notification by way of neighbouring letters and a site notice posted opposite the application site. 


One representation was received, objecting and the matters raised are summarised as follows:


·                    Extension goes beyond the current building line and will leave me staring at a brick wall with no light into the only window in the property which received direct sunlight.

·                    It will also remove view from this window which was the main reason for purchasing property.

·                    Property will be very dark as a result of the extension.


All representations can be viewed in full on our website.




The principle of providing an extension at the property is acceptable, subject to it being of a suitable scale and design to conform with or enhance the existing dwelling as required by Policy GP6.  The application seeks planning permission for demolition of the existing rear part of the dwelling and single storey rear extension and creation of a new two storey extension of 9 metres in length. When comparing the length of the proposed extension from the existing two storey element this is a further 5.4 metres two storey extension. The proposed extension also involves a pitched roof with a height of around 7 metres from finished floor level compared to the existing two storey element which has a height of around 5.1 metres. The size, scale and height of the proposed extension as presently submitted is considered to be out of character and not subordinate or compatible with the size of the existing dwelling, as required by criteria a) of Policy GDP relating to extensions.


Furthermore, the proposed extension by virtue of its size and positioning is considered to have a detrimental impact on the amenity of neighbouring occupiers by loss of light and overbearance. As highlighted in the comments from the neighbour to the site, the extension will block out sunlight into the neighbouring properties to the north and as a result adversely affect the amenity of adjacent land users. Therefore, the proposal as submitted also fails to comply with Policy GP1 criteria d) and GP6 criteria d).


Following registration of the application, the agent was notified that the proposal fails to comply with specific criteria of Policies GP1 and GP6 along with suggested alterations to the scheme.  The Planning Officer was subsequently advised that the applicant would like the application reported to Planning Committee for consideration as submitted. 


The garage alterations and proposed changes to the front appearance of the dwelling by virtue of creation of a new front door and exposure of the existing stonework is considered acceptable and enhances the appearance of the dwelling as specified by Policy GP1.


The other comment received relating to loss of a view is not a material planning consideration, albeit it is noted that the proposal will significantly impact on the outlook of the adjacent property. 


Planning Obligations




Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015


The decision considers the duty to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales, in accordance with the sustainable development principle, under section 3 of the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (the WBFG Act). The decision takes into account the ways of working set out at section 5 of the WBFG Act and it is considered that this decision is in accordance with the sustainable development principle through its contribution towards one or more of the Welsh Ministers’ well-being objectives set out in section 8 of the WBFG Act.




After careful consideration of the scheme as submitted it is concluded on balance that the proposal as submitted is considered not to be acceptable given it is not subordinate or compatible to the size and character of the existing residential dwelling and its impact on the amenity of adjacent residential dwelling. Whilst the proposal complies with a some policies within the Local Development Plan (LDP) and the principle of a two storey extension at the site is acceptable subject to being of a suitable size and scale, the application as submitted fails to comply with the relevant criteria within LDP Policies GP1 and GP6, by reason of its size and scale and resulting impact and overbearance on the adjacent property.


No objections or concerns have been raised by statutory consultees. Nevertheless, on balance the proposal is not subordinate to the existing dwelling and fails to comply with criteria within Policies GP1 and GP6 and therefore it is recommended that the application be refused for the following reasons:






Reasons for Refusal


1             The proposal is contrary to Policy GP6 of the Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan which states:


Policy GP1 Sustainability and High Quality Design


Development proposals will be permitted where they accord with the following:


a.      It conforms with and enhances the character and appearance of the site, building or area in terms of siting, appearance, scale, height, massing, elevation treatment, and detailing;

b.     It incorporates existing landscape or other features, takes account of site contours and changes in levels and prominent skylines or ridges;

c.      Utilises materials appropriate to the area within which it is located;

d.     It would not have a significant impact on the amenity of adjacent land uses, properties, residents or the community;

e.      Includes an integrated mixture of uses appropriate to the scale of the development;

f.       It retains, and where appropriate incorporates important local features (including buildings, amenity areas, spaces, trees, woodlands and hedgerows) and ensures the use of good quality hard and soft landscaping and embraces opportunities to enhance biodiversity and ecological connectivity;

g.     It achieves and creates attractive, safe places and public spaces, which ensures security through the ‘designing-out-crime’ principles of Secured by Design (including providing natural surveillance, visibility, well lit environments and areas of public movement);

h.     An appropriate access exists or can be provided which does not give rise to any parking or highway safety concerns on the site or within the locality;

i.       It protects and enhances the landscape, townscape, historic and cultural heritage of the County and there are no adverse effects on the setting or integrity of the historic environment;

j.       It ensures or provides for, the satisfactory generation, treatment and disposal of both surface and foul water;

k.      It has regard to the generation, treatment and disposal of waste.

l.       It has regard for the safe, effective and efficient use of the transportation network;

m.    It provides an integrated network which promotes the interests of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport which ensures ease of access for all;

n.     It includes, where applicable, provision for the appropriate management and eradication of invasive species.


Proposals will also be considered in light of the policies and provisions of this Plan and National Policy (PPW: Edition 7 and TAN12: Design (2014)).


In the scale, design and massing of the proposed extension is not considered to be subordinate or compatible to the size and character of the existing dwelling, as required by criteria a). The proposed development by virtue of its scale, height and massing and proximity to the adjoining property of no. 72 Cwmfferws Road would result in an overly dominant form of development that would unacceptably harm the amenity of the adjacent residents.


2             The proposal is contrary to Policy GP6 of the Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan, which states:


Policy GP6 Extensions


Proposals for the extension of existing residential dwellings / use class C3 (which require planning permission) whether buildings, other structures or a particular land use must comply with the following:


a.      The scale of the proposed extension is subordinate and compatible to the size, type and character of the existing development and does not result in over development of the site, nor lead to reduced and inadequate areas of parking, utility, vehicle turning, amenity or garden space;

b.     The external appearance of the proposed extension in terms of design is subordinate, and the materials should complement that of the existing development;

c.      There are no adverse effects on the natural environment, landscape/townscape or the setting and integrity of the historic environment;

d.     The local environment and the amenities of neighbouring developments are not adversely affected by the proposed extension;

e.      The use to be made of the proposed extension is compatible with the existing building, structure or land use.


In that the scale, height and massing of the proposed extension as submitted combined with its proximity to the adjoining property of no. 27 Cwmfferws Road would result in an incongruous and overly dominant form of development that would unacceptably harm the living conditions of the occupiers of this property by way of overbearance, loss aspect and loss of light.




1          Please note that this consent is specific to the plans and particulars approved as part of the application.  Any departure from the approved plans will constitute unauthorised development and may be liable to enforcement action.  You (or any subsequent developer) should advise the Council of any actual or proposed variations from the approved plans immediately so that you can be advised how to best resolve the matter.


            In addition, any Conditions which the Council has imposed on this consent will be listed above and should be read carefully.  It is your (or any subsequent developers') responsibility to ensure that the terms of all Conditions are met in full at the appropriate time (as outlined in the specific condition).


            The commencement of development without firstly meeting in full the terms of any Conditions which require the submission of details prior to the commencement of development will constitute unauthorised development.  This will necessitate the submission of a further application to retain the unauthorised development and may render you liable to formal enforcement action.


            Failure on the part of the developer to observe the requirements of any other Conditions could result in the Council pursuing formal enforcement action in the form of a Breach of Condition Notice.


2          Comments and responses received from consultees and third parties can be found on the Authority’s website ( They may also relate to other permissions or consents required or include further advice and guidance.


·           Please see the relevant responses from Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water and the Council’s Planning Ecologist and refer to the recommendations and advice contained therein.