Appendix C - Invitations to Events

The following table should be used for guidance when inviting Members, Officers and Partners to attend an official opening.

Please refer to the ‘Events’ and ‘Photography and Filming’ sections of the Press and Media Protocol for further guidance on invitation for photo call.



Major event

Official openings/launches

Cutting of the sod/development or project launch

Local event



Relevant Executive Board Member(s)

Chair or Vice Chair


Consort or Vice Chair Consort


Leader of the opposition


Chief Executive


Relevant Director(s)


Relevant Head(s) of Service or Service Manager

Partner representative(s)



Explanatory notes

Major events – for example, large audience, county-wide/national interest
Official openings/launches – for example, school or new building and facility openings
Cutting of the sod/development or project launch – for example, start of works on new schools/buildings, small project launches
Local events – for example, flag raising ceremonies, open days, local interest, community events supported CCC

Please note: The relevant Executive Board Member may wish to extend an invitation to the relevant Chair of Scrutiny, and/or others. This decision will be made during the organisation of the event.