Democratic Services Committee

Date: 19/03/20



Purpose          To provide an update on the proposal for supporting        Elected Member development based on recent research and initial feedback from Group Leaders and to seek the endorsement of the DSC and any variations/ amendments to the proposal.

Recommendations / key decisions required:

That Democratic Services Committee endorse the proposal for Member engagement on the 21st Century Councillor Model and establishing a new approach to the formulation and delivery of the Member Development Programme.  



To contribute to Member Development Plan 2020-21 ensuring the application of best practice and research that will improve Member engagement and the learning experience. 


Relevant scrutiny committee to be consulted NA  

Exec Board Decision Required                     NA    

Council Decision Required                           NA    


EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER PORTFOLIO HOLDER:- S.Curry – Member Development Champion and L.M. Stephens – Executive Board Member

Directorate: CEX

Name of Head of Service: Paul R Thomas

Report Author: Hayley Daniels


Designations: Corporate Development Advisor


Tel Nos. 01267 246186

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Democratic Services Committee




Consultation on Member Development Plan



The Local Government Measure 2011 highlights the responsibility of Local Authorities to provide reasonable development opportunities to its Elected Members. Carmarthenshire County Council’s Member Development Strategy sets out our approach to Member development which is regularly reviewed to such development needs are supported.

On the 30th July 2019, Organisation Development put forward a proposal for Member engagement on the 21st Century Councillor Model and establishing a new approach to the formulation and delivery of the Member Development Programme.  

Discussions and workshops have since taken place with Executive Board, Group Leaders, and the Chair of the Democratic Services Committee to formulate an outline plan based on existing and emerging skill sets for the “21st Century Councillor”.

A blended and inclusive approach to learning that reflects different learning styles has established two distinct areas of development.

·         Foundational Skills– Practical and knowledge skills (covered by most existing learning and development)

·         Relational Skills – Connective, digital & reflective skills (to be effective as a 21st Century Councillor and covered as part of learning conversations).


See Table 1 - Sample Development Programme – Elected Members

A wokshop for all member enagement was postponed in September 2019 due to limited availability and the emergence of the General Election in late 2019 has resulted in a delay of re-arrangeing the workshop. Wider consultation with all members is still required


·         To seek the views of Members on how best they want to be supported and the likely areas they wish to focus on as part of their individual learning conversations.

·         The outcomes will inform the resourcing, prioritisation and delivery of the Member Development Plan for endorsement by the Democratic Services Committee.


A new proposed timeline sets out the engagement process with members for discussions around the member development plan and 21st Century Councillor.









I confirm that other than those implications which have been agreed with the appropriate Directors / Heads of Service and are referred to in detail below, there are no other implications associated with this report :


Signed:         P.R. Thomas                                    Assistant Chief Executive

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I confirm that the appropriate consultations have taken in place and the outcomes are as detailed below


Signed:         P.R. Thomas                                    Assistant Chief Executive

1. Scrutiny Committee: N/A


2.Local Member(s) 

Individual Members consulted as part of 1-1 Personal Development Meeting with Group Leaders or Deputy Group Leaders.


3. Community / Town Council – N/A

4. Relevant Partners – N/A

5. Staff Side Representatives and other Organisations – N/A

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