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That the capital programme update report is received.




To provide Executive Board with the “Near Actual” spend against budget for the 2015/16 capital programme, as at the 31st March 2016.



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execUTIVE Board





Purpose: To report the variances within the capital programme.

To provide Executive Board with the “Near Actual” spend against budget for the 2015/16 capital programme, as at the 31st March 2016.



Public Sector Housing

Fuel Switch – Gas Infrastructure -£248k -Installation of mains gas pipeline delayed due poor weather conditions affecting programme or works.


Planned M&E +£266k Higher than expected level of boiler failures at properties which were previously deemed to be compliant under the CHS, extra upgrades on Void works, additional costs linked to the sheltered scheme fire alarm upgrade works to connect to the Tunstall system. Additional costs to upgrade the sheltered complex heating plant (this needs to include new controls as well as the boiler plant itself).


Internal Refurbishment -£1,873k Due to postponement of various sites plus various tenant declines.


Housing Minor Works -£53k Delay in external works due to poor weather conditions.


External Rendering +£123k Additional remedial works to cavities.


External Insulation over Cavity -£188k Due to fewer properties being identified.


Re-Roofing Works -£211k Delays due to adverse weather conditions


Sheltered Housing Investment +£45k Health and Safety works identified – Fire management (legislative works).


Housing Development Programme -£1,486k Part of overarching Affordable Housing Delivery Plan. Money to be carried forward to support substantive programme over the next five years.


Private Sector Housing

Renewal Assistance -£340k Due to delay with regional partners in agreeing a loan facility for householders.


Disabled Facilities Grant -£77k external works delayed due to adverse weather - works committed for 16/17


County Steelwork -£201k Less interest than anticipated.

Social Care

Learning Disabilities £-228k Options are being considered for the location of future learning disability provision as part of a review of council buildings.




Countryside Projects -£76k Due to monies being retained for match funding purposes.


Carmarthen Museum -£250k Scheme led by 3rd party - Payment to be made in 2016/17.




Multi Storey Cark Park -£99k Works scheduled for 16/17 on strengthening various elements of the structure


Bridge Strengthening - £100k due to construction cost being lower than anticipated


Major Structural Highways Improvements -£45k  Delay due to programming issues – Works scheduled for 16/17 at Cross Hands


Street Lighting -£85k budget to be used in conjunction with LED replacement scheme that is programmed to start in 16/17


Trebeddrod Reservoir -£143k Environmental issues delayed completion until early 2016/17.




Disabled Discrimination Acts - +£219k Higher demand for pupil led adaptations, legal requirement.


MEP External Funding -£119k – Re-profiling required of 21st Century Schools grant from Welsh Government.


Ysgol Ffwrnes -£1,164k Savings and re-profile required – Scheme physically complete


Dyffryn Amman -£619k Savings and re-profile required – Works to be completed in early 16/17


Ysgol Maes Y Gwendraeth -£466k Re-profile required due to delays in works – works progressing and to be completed in 16/17


Ysgol Bro Dinefwr -£755k Re-profile required - Final account and retention to be paid in 16/17


Seaside CP School -£1,164k delay in approving outline business case by Welsh Government. The full business case has now been approved.


Ysgol Carreg Hirfaen -£34k Final account and Retention due in 16/17


Cwm Tywi New Area School -£91k A number of options for the area are considered as part of the draft strategic review.




Burry Port School -£123k Final costs lower than anticipated, savings on scheme


Ysgol Trimsaran -£630k Awaiting confirmation on statutory process on dual stream, flying start grant to be used in 2015/16.


Ysgol Y Strade +£405k Higher level of spend during the year than anticipated, no impact to overall scheme cost.


Llandeilo Primary -£37k Investigations ongoing and options currently being considered for site selection, and feasibility of using existing establishment.


Ammanford Primary -£73k Development costs lower than anticipated.


Ysgol Parc y Tywyn +£394k Re-profile required due to significantly more design development than originally intended during the year.  Additional funding used to progress scheme to detailed design and submit planning application with a number of corporate sites in the Burry Port area.


Llanelli Vocational Village -£499k Ground condition issue – re-negotiated costs with contractor delayed scheme. Works to be completed in 16/17


Ysgol Coedcae -£1,006k delay in approving outline business case by Welsh Government has delayed the anticipated timeline of the scheme.


St John Lloyd -£305k Land ownership issues – council in negotiations with regard to a land swap.


Band B Schemes +£113k Re-profile required due to design development commencing site selection exercises and initial design development on Band B projects.


MEP-Other Projects +£151k Re-profile required.


Completed Schemes +£16k Retentions held and paid on contractors on various schemes in order to ensure they are completed as per contract.




St David’s Park -£450k due to delay in procuring works.


IT -£740k due Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Budget allocated for payment that is due 1st April 2016 and review of works.


Eastgate Development -£290k due to delay - currently in procurement and design stage






Community Development -£81k Grants awarded but 3rd party payments to made early in 2016/17.




Cross Hands East Strategic Employment Site +£572k Land values had originally been estimated at the start of the Compulsory Purchase Order process based on the land uses allocated within the Unitary Development Plan. This had been subsequently challenged by the owners and the Authority is in negotiation with the owners and District Valuer to agree final terms. (Additional costs in 16/17 to complete phase)


Ammanford Town Centre Regeneration -£466k Funding is committed for the Ammanford Master plan and recently launched Transformation Regeneration Strategy. Works currently being prepared to implement a programme of support commencing 2016. Funding to roll forward into 2016/17.


Laugharne Car Park -£220k Delay to project commencement due to technical studies, construction commencement now expected in April 16


Opportunity Street (Llanelli) -£445k External funding to be used initially with CCC funding carried forward to 2016/17 in order to deliver the final year elements of the project. 


Cross Hands East Office Development -£467k Project at early stage of development with concept currently being developed. Funding commitment required for implementation in 2016/17/18.


Pendine Iconic International Visitors Destination -£549k Funding package being worked up with Welsh Government and WEFO. Early decision expected in the new financial year and CCC funding to be slipped forward.


Carmarthen Town Regeneration -£80k Design work re-scheduled for 16/17 for Jacksons Lane/King Street scheme.


Building for the Future -£656k This project is currently at an early grant application stage and a decision to approve (by Welsh Government) is anticipated later this financial year.  In order to secure external grant funding (circa £1.6m) the approved budget must be safeguarded for future years delivery.  This year's expenditure can only reflect early survey and feasibility works which will progress following confirmation of project grant approval.


Health and Safety Remediation Works -£100k Survey only in 15/16 - Implementation slipped to 16/17






















I confirm that other than those implications which have been agreed with the appropriate Directors / Heads of Service and are referred to in detail below, there are no other implications associated with this report :


Signed:             O. Bowen                                                      Head of Financial Services                         


Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities





Risk Management Issues

Staffing Implications

Physical Assets 
















The capital programme shows an under spend of £-15.376m, which will be incorporated into the 2016/17 capital programme.


Physical Assets 

The capital programme will have an impact on the physical assets of the Authority.



I confirm that the appropriate consultations have taken in place and the outcomes are as detailed below


Signed:         O. Bowen                                                         Head of  Financial Services                                             


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Relevant Scrutiny Committees will be consulted.

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