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[NOTE:  Mrs W. Walters, Assistant Chief Executive, left the meeting during consideration of this item.]


Council considered a report detailing proposals for the recruitment of a Director of Education & Children’s Services and a Director of Regeneration & Policy.


Following a previous recruitment exercise in November 2016 which elicited only 2 applications it was decided not to proceed to full appointment of a permanent Director of Education Services and interim arrangements were agreed pending a further recruitment exercise towards the end of the 2016/17 academic year.


In May 2015 a report was presented to County Council that set out a proposal for the realignment of the Authority’s Senior Management Team.  As part of those proposals, a new post of Assistant Chief Executive (Regeneration & Policy) was created.  Since then the post has grown significantly to include additional responsibilities including key elements of the Corporate Property function.  In addition to this, the £1.3 billion ground-breaking Swansea Bay City Deal has been approved and eleven major projects will now get underway, boosting the local economy by £1.8 billion and generate almost 10,000 new jobs over the next 15 years.  Carmarthenshire County Council will be directly responsible for leading and managing the administration and compliance of projects worth £241m. 


In light of the above it was proposed to create a post of Director of Regeneration & Policy to drive and support the work of the Joint Committee to progress the City Deal.  This post would replace, and would not be additional to, the current post of Assistant Chief Executive (Regeneration & Policy) post, which would then be deemed redundant.


The Motion was duly moved and seconded.


The following Amendment was thereupon proposed and duly seconded:-


“In a step to ensure that the brightest and the best apply for the posts before us and to show our commitment to the promises that we made to the electorate we propose today that the two senior salaries carry a maximum salary of £112,211, bringing it in line with the City & County of Swansea.”


The proposer and seconder of the Amendment were afforded the opportunity of speaking in support thereof.


Reference was made to the fact that the Pay Policy Advisory Panel, which has cross-party membership, considered and agreed upon the Authority’s pay policy statement earlier this year, which was subsequently approved by Council at its meeting held on 8th March, 2017.


Following a requisition by more than 10 members, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 16.4, a recorded vote was taken on the amendment with the votes casts being as follows:-


For the Amendment (18)


Councillors S. Curry, S.L. Davies, J.S. Edmunds, P.M. Edwards, D.C. Evans, A. Fox, T. Higgins, J.D. James, R. James, D. Jones, K. Lloyd, K. Madge, S. Matthews, A. McPherson, E. Morgan, S. Najmi, J. Prosser and Bill Thomas

Against the Amendment (32)

Councillors S.M. Allen, C.A. Campbell, G. Davies, H. Davies, I.W. Davies, J.A. Davies, T.A.J. Davies, W.R.A. Davies, E. Dole, L.D. Evans, R. Evans, W.T. Evans, K. Howell, P. Hughes-Griffiths, P.M. Hughes, A. James, D.M. Jenkins, A. Lenny, A.G. Morgan, D. Phillips, S. Phillips, E. Schiavone, H.B. Shepardson, L.M. Stephens, D. Thomas, E.G. Thomas, G. Thomas, G.B. Thomas, J. Tremlett, D.E. Williams, D. Williams and J.E. Williams.

Abstentions (14)

Councillors L. Bowen, K. Broom, J.M. Charles, A. Davies, C.A. Davies, J. Gilasbey, D. Harries, J.P. Jenkins, G. John, C. Jones, B. Jones, H.I. Jones, D. Nicholas and A. Vaughan-Owen.

RESOLVED that the Amendment to the Motion be not supported.

Council thereupon proceeded to vote on the substantive Motion and it was


9.1     That the job profile and person specification for both the posts          of Director of Education & Children’s Services and the Director of        Regeneration & Policy (attached to the report as appendix 1 and     2) be endorsed;

9.2     That the job adverts be endorsed in order to allow both posts to        be publicly advertised, as required by the Local Authorities    (Standing Orders)(Wales)(Amendment) Regulations 2014   (attached to the report as appendix 3 and 4.


Supporting documents: