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Decisions published

13/12/2018 - AREA WEST - DETERMINATION OF PLANNING APPLICATIONS. ref: 28    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Planning Committee

Made at meeting: 13/12/2018 - Planning Committee

Decision published: 03/01/2019

Effective from: 13/12/2018


6.1  RESOLVED that the following applications be granted subject to the conditions detailed within the report/addendum of the Head of Planning:



Change of use of farm land to two, gypsy traveller pitches (with dayrooms) at land lying south of Brynhowell, Llanddowror, SA33 4HN



Upgrading of existing entrance to woodland to allow for the extraction of timber at entrance to Allt Werncorgam Commercial Forest, West of Llanllwch, Carmarthen, SA31 3QY


A representation was received raising concerns regarding the traffic management plan.


The applicant responded to the issues raised.


A further representation was received raising concerns about the steepness of part of the proposed route and the cumulative effect of planning applications on traffic levels in the area.



Obscured glazing to side elevations of Plots 4 and 5.  Change of dormer styling at Plot 4 & 5, Cae Coch, land off Heol Cwm Mawr, Drefach, Llanelli



Change of use of existing barn into holiday let accommodation at Parcnwc, Old School Road, Llansteffan, Carmarthen, SA33 5HA


[Note:  Councillor C. Jones, having earlier declared an interest in this item, left the Council Chamber prior to the consideration and determination thereof]



Construction of commercial garage/workshop for Sarnau Motors at field adj. Hafod Bakery, Llysonnen Road, Bancyfelin, Carmarthen


At the Planning Committee meeting on 27th November, Members resolved to overturn the Officer’s recommendation for refusal and grant planning permission for the proposed development, with a list of appropriate conditions to be returned to the Committee for ratification.


The committee approved the conditions contained within the report.


6.2  UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the Committee approve the following request to discharge the Section 106 Agreement, contrary to the Head of Planning’s recommendation on the basis that the building no longer serves any useful purpose and that after 19 years it is reasonable to discharge the agreement.



Discharge of Section 106 Agreement attached to planning permission W/02153, whereby the residential use of the existing farmhouse was to be ceased and for the house to be used for agricultural storage instead at Cystanog Farm, Capel Dewi Road, Llangunnor, Carmarthen, SA32 8AY


The Committee was minded to approve the discharge of Section 106 agreement subject to the submission of a favourable application to reinstate the former dwelling and subject to accordance with affordable housing and local needs restriction.



6.3  UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the conditions drafted by the Head of Planning, as detailed in the report, in relation to the following planning application which was granted planning permission by the Planning Committee, contrary to the officer recommendation on 27th November, 2018, be endorsed:-



Construction of commercial garage/workshop for Sarnau Motors at field adj. Hafod Bakery, Llysonnen Road, Bancyfelin, Carmarthen



6.4  UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that consideration of the following planning application be deferred to enable the Committee to undertake site visits:-



Erection of 2 no. three bed dwellings (1 affordable, 1 open market) at land adjacent to Llys Briallu, Sarnau, Bancyfelin, SA33 5EA


REASON: to enable the committee to view the site and access.



16/11/2018 - CWESTIWN GAN Y CYNGHORYDD WILLIAM POWELL ref: 500000003    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Dyfed Powys Police and Crime Panel

Made at meeting: 16/11/2018 - Dyfed Powys Police and Crime Panel

Decision published: 13/12/2018

Effective from: 16/11/2018


“Please explain the governance structures that you have put in place and how you ensure that they are strategically aligned to the main risks that the force faces”


The Police and Crime Commissioner reported that the Force’s governance structure was significantly streamlined in September 2017. He announced that the structure is currently being reviewed with regard to the central themes of risks and finance. The Commissioner offered circulating a scheme of the 2017 structure to the Panel.


16/11/2018 - QUESTION BY COUNCILLOR WILLIAM POWELL ref: 25    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Dyfed Powys Police and Crime Panel

Made at meeting: 16/11/2018 - Dyfed Powys Police and Crime Panel

Decision published: 13/12/2018

Effective from: 16/11/2018


“Please explain in particular how you hold the Chief Constable to account in relation to Serious & Organised Crime, Counter terrorism, special operations and covert surveillance activities”


The Commissioner reported that the Home Office recently launched a Serious and Organised Crime Strategy, which forms the basis for holding the Chief Constable to account on these matters. He noted having recently reviewed the Force Control Strategy for Serious and Organised Crime, in particular regarding Class A drugs. He announced that, in response to community concerns across the Dyfed-Powys area, the issue of Class A drugs will be scrutinised in detail in an upcoming Deep Dive Report. The Commissioner emphasised that he and the Chief Constable are involved in collaborative initiatives on serious and organised crime with forces across Wales and England, such as the All Wales Policing Group, the Joint Firearms Unit and fortnightly Policing Board meetings. With regard to covert surveillance, the Commissioner explained that his oversight of the Chief Constable to relies on the Covert Surveillance Authority’s annual inspections of the Force. He commented that the most recent inspection report from April 2018 emphasised the Force’s high compliance and made only minor recommendations.


In response to a Panel question, the Commissioner clarified that his Office does not have formal responsibility for recruiting Deputy and Assistant Chief Constables. He reported declining the Chief Constable’s offer to be involved in the process. However, the Commissioner’s Chief of Staff was involved in the recruitment of the Deputy Chief Constable.


A member positively mentioned a Dyfed-Powys Police presentation on county lines and encouraged that the Panel receive the materials for information. The Commissioner emphasised that county lines is a key issue and offered providing the materials to the Panel.


In response to a question on the Force’s IT resilience, the Commissioner stated that the importance of the issue is reflected in significant IT expenses. He also pointed out his membership of the National Digital Policing Board and the Police ICT Board, which work collaboratively across Wales and England.


Regarding the risks of a no-deal Brexit, the Commissioner reported holding the Chief Constable to account ‘in readiness.’ He remarked that the Force is undertaking preparatory work in collaboration with partner agencies such as local resilience fora. He also pointed out that the Force will have access to a member of the All Wales Brexit team.



Decision Maker: County Council

Made at meeting: 12/09/2018 - County Council

Decision published: 28/09/2018

Effective from: 12/09/2018


Council was informed that the Executive Board, at its meeting held on the 2nd July, 2018 (Minute 7 refers), had considered a report on proposals for the introduction of a Local Development Order for Llanelli Town Centre.  If adopted the Order would allow for a range of uses within a defined spatial area in the town centre to proceed without the need for planning consent.


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the following recommendations of the Executive Board be accepted:


“9.1   The representations received in respect of the Draft Local Development Order (LDO) for Llanelli Town Centre be received;

9.2   The recommendations detailed within the report be approved;

9.3   The submission of the LDO (inclusive of the reports’ recommendations and evidence updates) to the Welsh Government for agreement be approved;

9.4    Delegated authority be granted to officers to make non-substantive typographical or factual amendments, as necessary, to improve the accuracy and clarity of the LDO;

9.5    Delegated authority be granted to officers to update the evidence base and make any consequential changes to the LDO, and to ensure any additional matters of legal compliance were also integrated.”


21/08/2018 - Llesiant Delta Wellbeing Limited - Governance Arrangements ref: 23    Recommendations Approved

Following the Decision of the Executive Board to establish a Local Authority Trading Company called Llesiant Delta Wellbeing Ltd, delegated authority was granted to the Director of Communities and Director of Corporate Services to agree the Governance structures in respect of the company.


These structures have now been finalised.


Decision Maker: Directors of Communities & Corporate Services

Decision published: 03/09/2018

Effective from: 11/09/2018




1.    To approve the Governance Arrangements for Llesiant Delta Wellbeing Limited as set out in the Shareholders Agreement between the Council and the Company


2.    In accordance with the delegated authority previously granted by the Executive Board.


30/07/2018 - To consider and determine (on behalf of Carmarthenshire County Council as Registration Authority) on its legal merits the application for registration of land known as Llanerch Recreation or Playing Fields, Llanerch, as a Town or Village Green under ref: 22    Recommendations Approved

To consider and determine (on behalf of Carmarthenshire County Council as Registration Authority) on its legal merits the application for registration of land known as Llanerch Recreation or Playing Fields, Llanerch, as a Town or Village Green under s15 Commons Act 2006, dated 1st March 2017 and made by Ms Sharon Burdess


Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 30/07/2018

Effective from: 07/08/2018


The application be refused and no part of the land to which the application relates should be added to the statutory register of Town or Village Greens maintained under the Commons Act 2006


04/07/2018 - Ammanford Call Centre ref: 19    Recommendations Approved

To consider a termination of the current Joint Venture Agreement with the Welsh Government.


Decision Maker: Director of Regeneration & Policy

Decision published: 05/07/2018

Effective from: 13/07/2018


In accordance with the Delegated Authority granted to me by the Executive Board on the 4th June 2018 (Minute 23 refers) I am satisfied that the terms upon which I have negotiated, as detailed within the report, are appropriate for the authority and therefore approve the early conclusion and settlement of the WG share in the JV.


29/05/2018 - Governance and Management Arrangement – Carmarthenshire County Council Waste Treatment Teckal1 Company. ref: 15    Recommendations Approved

To confirm the governance and management arrangements for the proposed new waste management teckal company, including agreeing its Articles of Association.

Decision Maker: Director of Corporate Services

Decision published: 18/06/2018

Effective from: 27/06/2018


To formally set up the new teckal compliant “CWM Environmental Limited” in accordance with its new Articles of Association and governance structure.

Lead officer: Chris Moore


Decision Maker: Planning Committee

Made at meeting: 23/01/2018 - Planning Committee

Decision published: 14/02/2018

Effective from: 23/01/2018


The Senior Development Management Officer referred to the private site visit undertaken by the Committee earlier that day (Minute 4.3 of the Planning Committee held on the 16th November, 2017 refers) the purpose of which had been to enable the Committee to view the concerns raised over the increased traffic which would be generated by the proposed development for the safety of pedestrians, in particular, children walking to and from school.  He thereupon referred, with the aid of powerpoint slides, to the written report of the Head of Planning which provided an appraisal of the site together with a description of the development, a summary of consultation responses received and information on the local and national policies which were relevant to the assessment of the application.


Particular reference was made to the planning history of the site in relation to the grant of planning application W/09082 in 2008, subject to a Section 106 Agreement for the provision of community benefits, the lapse of that consent in 2013, and the Welsh Office Inspector’s decision to include the site within her binding report on the LDP, published on the 16th October, 2014 without any specific requirement or conditions that the community benefits agreed under W/09082 were to be applied to any new planning consent. As a result of that decision, the Committee was advised that the application would need to be considered under current statutory planning legislation, including the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations 201, that placed limitations on the use of Section 106 Planning Obligations, and therefore the previously agreed community benefits could not be applied to the new application.  However, if the Committee was to grant the application, the applicant would still be required to enter into a Section 106 Agreement to include a £26k contribution towards primary and secondary school education within the site’s catchment, highway improvements to include the provision of a footpath alongside the site’s frontage and further along into the village of Broadway.


In summary, the Committee was advised that the Head of Planning was recommending approval of the application for the reasons detailed within her written report and subject to the applicant entering into a Section 106 Agreement.


Representations were received on the previously agreed community benefits to be provided as part of planning application W/09082 and specifically, the land ownership transfer issues. It was argued those benefits should be honoured by the developer and incorporated within any new planning consent granted on the land. Additional representations were made on the separate accesses for the private and affordable housing elements of the proposed development and for those elements to be linked to avoid segregation.


The Developer’s agent, in response to the representations, advised that the application had been subject to extensive consultation with no objections having been received from statutory consultees, subject to appropriate conditions, and also complied with local and national planning policies. With regard to the previous consent, and the agreed Section 106, those had lapsed, and any new consent, and Section 106, would have to be considered in line with current legislation, be relevant, necessary, reasonable and in compliance with the CIL Regulations. In relation to the siting of the Affordable Housing element, that had been undertaken in consultation with a proposed social housing provider to site the development adjacent to its Cwrt Wooford estate for management reasons. He requested the Committee to approve the application, as recommended by the Head of Planning, on the basis it complied with existing planning policies.


The Senior Solicitor referred to the previous planning consent and confirmed that upon its lapse 2013, the Section 106 Agreement had also lapsed. As a result, any new application for the site’s development would have to be considered in light of existing national and local planning policies and the Welsh Government Inspector’s comments report.


The Head of Planning and the Senior Development Management Officer responded to the issues raised.


Having regard to the representations received views were expressed by the Committee that consideration of the application should be deferred to enable the Head of planning to have further discussions with the applicant on the level of community benefits to be provided, having regard to policy SP16 of the UDP, and also on the concerns raised on the separate accesses to the site and the lack of a link between the two elements being detrimental to residents, in particular for children having to walk along the public highway to Laugharne school.


RESOLVED that consideration of planning application W/35450 be deferred to enable the Head of Planning to have further discussions with the applicant on the issues raised above.