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Information about Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the overall business of the Council and meets every 2 weeks.

The Executive Board comprises the Leader of the Council, who is the Chairperson, and 9 other members appointed by the Leader. Each of the members of the Executive Board has a defined portfolio of responsibilities.

The decisions of the Executive Board are subject to scrutiny by a different group of councillors, who meet in scrutiny committees to check and monitor what the Executive Board does.

The Forward Work Programme (a programme of work to develop new policies etc.) enhances and develops the 'Budget and Policy Framework'. The Programme is prepared in liaison with all Council Departments, and highlights the major policy and budgetary decisions to be taken by the Executive Board and Council in the next 12 months and updated quarterly 

The Executive Board has published a plan for Moving Forward in Carmarthenshire over the next 5 years.



Councillor Portfolio


Emlyn Dole


Leader – Cllr Emlyn Dole (Plaid Cymru)

Corporate Leadership and Strategy;

Chair of Executive Board;

Represents Council at WLGA;

Economic Development

Represents the Council on the Swansea Bay City Region;


Marketing and Media;

Appoints Executive Board Members; Determines EBM Portfolios;

Liaises with Chief Executive;

Public Service Board


Mair Stephens


Deputy Leader – Cllr Mair Stephens (Independent)

Council Business Manager

Human Resources;

Performance Management;

Wales Audit;



T.I.C. (Transformation, Innovation and Change);

Strategic Planning


Cefin Arthur Campbell


Communities and Rural Affairs – Cllr Cefin Campbell (Plaid Cymru)

Rural Affairs and Community Engagement;

Community Safety;


Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015

Tackling Poverty;

Wellbeing of Future Generations

Third Sector Liaison;


Climate Change Strategy



Peter Hughes Griffiths


Culture, Sport and Tourism – Cllr Peter Hughes-Griffiths (Plaid Cymru)

Town and Community Councils Ambassador;

Development of the Welsh Language;



Leisure Centres;



Country Parks;




Glynog Davies


Education and Children – Cllr Glynog Davies (Plaid Cymru)


Children Services;

Special Education Needs;


Respite Homes;

Regional Integrated School;

Improvement Service;

Adult Community Learning;

Youth Services;

Lead Member for Children and Young People;

Youth Ambassador;

School Catering Services



link to details of Cllr. Hazel Evans


Environment – Cllr Hazel Evans (Plaid Cymru)


Street Cleansing;

Highways and Transport Services;

Grounds Maintenance;

Building Services;


Building Cleaning;

Emergency Planning;


Public Rights of Way.




Linda Evans (2)


Housing – Cllr Linda Evans (Plaid Cymru)

Housing – Public;

Housing – Private;

Ageing Well







Philip Hughes




Public Protection – Cllr Philip Hughes (Independent)

Trading Standards;

Environmental Health.

Environmental Enforcement;

Planning enforcement;

Unlicensed Waste;

Parking Services;

Bio diversity



David Micheal Jenkins


Resources – Cllr David Jenkins (Plaid Cymru)

Finance & Budget;

Corporate Efficiencies

Property / Asset Management;


Housing Benefits;


Statutory Services (Coroners, Registrars, Electoral, Lord Lieutanancy);

Armed Forces Champion

Contact Centres and Customer Service Centres


Jane Tremlett





Social Care & Health  - Cllr Jane Tremlett (Independent)

Adult Social Services;

Residential Care;

Home Care;

Learning Disabilities;

Mental Health;

NHS Liaison/Collaboration/


Carers’ Champion;

Dementia Care Champion;

Disability Ambassador,

Care Homes Catering Services