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[NOTE: Cllrs. K. Lloyd, K. Madge and B.A.L. Roberts had earlier declared an interest in this item].


The Committee considered the Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Report in relation to the Social Care and Health Service, which provided an update on the latest budgetary position as at 31st August, 2020 in respect of the 2020/21 financial year.


The Social Care & Health Service was projecting an overspend of £898K on the revenue budget and net variance of -£155K against the 2020/21 approved capital budget.  £100K of this had been vired to the Carmarthen Leisure Centre project within the Communities Department.


The Committee was advised by the Executive Board Member for Resources that the report took into account the additional funding received from Welsh Government.


A number of questions / observations were raised on the report. The main matters were as follows:

·         In response to a request for further information regarding the £100K vired to Carmarthen Leisure Centre, it was confirmed that this was underspent project funding that would be vired back to Social Care.

·         Concern was raised regarding the vacancies within the Occupational Therapy team.  The Committee was advised there was always a 2 – 3 month time lag due to the recruitment process and that recruitment had not been delayed due to financial constraints.

·         It was asked if the extra funding from Welsh Government was meeting the increased demand on service provisions.  It was advised that quarterly claims were submitted for Covid related expenditure and that to date most of the claims had been paid.  It was noted that to date only £100K (subsequently confirmed as £184k) had been deemed ineligible and that dialogue with Welsh Government regularly discussed any eligibility queries.  

·         In response to concerns expressed regarding the longer term impact of Covid on mental health, the Committee was advised that the Authority was very aware of the impact and that a report was due to be presented to CMT shortly. 

·         It was asked if Day Care Services would be re-opening sooner now that a vaccine was imminent.  It was advised that the distribution of the vaccine would not be as straightforward as portrayed by the media and that there were numerous factors to be considered. However, it was agreed that should the appropriate vaccine be available re-opening Day Centres would be a priority.  It was also confirmed that the Day Centre report would be presented to the Executive Board in January which the Committee would be able to scrutinise.

·         Concern was raised regarding how the recent outbreak of Covid had been managed at Amman Valley Hospital.  Re-assurance was given that the situation was being actively managed and that the correct procedures for infection control and use of PPE were being followed.   

·         In response to questions regarding the vaccination programme, the Committee was advised by the Head of Integrated Services that she was working closely with Hywel Dda Health Board and was actively involved in the process on how the vaccine would be deployed and prioritised.

·         The issue of vacancies in sheltered housing complexes was raised.  The Executive Board Member for Social Care and Health advised that this was a matter for the Communities department, however discussions had taken place regarding the issue and that further information would be provided.

·         It was asked if the high cost of agency staff in care homes had improved and if so, how had this been achieved.  It was advised that agency payments had reduced this financial year.  It was thought that this was due to the reduction in staff sickness and the increase in working hours.  It was also noted that the Authority had also re-deployed many of its staff into services such as Care Homes.


UNANAMOUSLY RESOLVED that the report be received.


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