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1.     Councillor H.A.L. Evans having earlier declared an interest in this item was not in attendance during its consideration ;

2.     Councillor K. Lloyd having earlier declared an interest in this item repeated that declaration)


The Council was informed that the Executive Board, at its meeting held on the 22nd February 2021 (Minute 9 refers) had considered the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard Plus (CHS+) Business Plan 2021-2024, the purpose of which was to:-


·       Explain the vision and detail of the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard Plus over the next three years, and what it means for tenants

·       To show the income received from tenants and other funding sources afforded a capital programme of £107m over the next three years to:

o   Build over 400 affordable homes;

o   Improve and maintain the existing stock

o   Develop new standards for energy efficiency and move towards carbon neutral homes

·       To show how the housing investment programmes could help stimulate the economy and recovery from Covid-19

·       Produce a business plan for the annual application to Welsh Government for Major Repairs Allowance (MRA) for 2021/22, equating to £6.2m.


The Executive Board Member for Housing presented the annual Business Plan for the CHS+ that detailed the plans, priorities and actions for developing new homes for the future and maintaining current stock for the next period, in consultation with the Council tenants. It also enabled the Council to submit its annual application to the Welsh Government for the Major Repairs Allowance grant, which for 2021/22 was in the sum of £6.2m.


The Executive Board Member for Housing advised that Page 6 of the report detailed what works had been undertaken during the last period together with a chart showing what the rent income contributed towards. The Plan allowed the Authority to keep developing its standards and looking at its agenda as it moved forward towards its decarbonisation programme. It also ensured it remained ambitious in building more new affordable homes throughout Carmarthenshire. Pages 7 and 8 detailed the Plan’s principles, being the basis of the Plan and, with solid foundations in place, the path ahead should be smooth.


The Executive Board Member for Housing advised the Plan was divided into the following four key themes aimed at driving the business forward for the next three years and she outlined the work being undertaken under each theme:-


1.     Theme 1 – Supporting Tenants and Residents;

2.     Theme 2 – Investing in Homes and the Environment, including the development of a new Welsh Home Quality Standard, building on that already achieved through the CHS+, featuring an increased standard for energy efficiency in the Council’s homes;

3.     Theme 3 – Providing 500 more homes by investing £60m in the next four years together with the development of a new 10 year Affordable Housing and Regeneration Masterplan by Autumn 2021;

4.     Theme 4 – Foundational economy, community benefits and procurement via the authority’s response to Covid-19 by further developing the Council’s approach to procurement to ensure it maximised its contribution to local economy prosperity and enhancing its focus on social value and community wealth


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the following recommendations of the Executive Board be adopted:-



The vision of the CHS+, the Council’s new build programme, the financial and delivery programmes over the next three years be confirmed;


The 2021/22 Business Plan be submitted to the Welsh Government;


The principles behind moving towards carbon neutral homes and developing a decarbonisation strategy to support that be noted;


The importance of the investment included in the plan and its role in simulating the local economy and recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic be noted”.



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