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The Committee received a report on the progress being achieved on the preparation and adoption of the Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan 2018-2033 Draft Second Deposit


The Committee was informed that the report identified the Council’s land use Vision, Strategic Objectives and Strategic Growth requirements for the County through to 2033, along with a detailed and comprehensive set of policies and provisions including, site specific allocations for housing and employment use, as well as environmental and other spatial considerations.


It was noted that whilst the report provided an update on the current position it, together with other supporting documents were emerging documents and would be continually developed up to publication.


The Committee was informed that the plan would be considered by the Council at its next meeting for approval for public consultation in January 2023, which would include the proposals map. Thereafter, it would be subject to public examination by a welsh Government appointed Planning Inspector with a view to its formal adoption in 2024.


A number of questions/issues were raised on the report which, included the following:-


·       In relation to a question on the identification of land within the Plan for affordable housing, the Forward Planning Manager confirmed the Plan would identify suitable sites for that purpose. It would also identify the percentage of affordable homes to be provided as part of housing developments. The Planning Department also worked closely with the Council’s Housing Division to ensure the Plan aligned with its proposals

·       Reference was made to the section on Place Making within the Plan and clarification sought on how it would be implemented. The Forward Planning Manager confirmed the Plan would have policies in place to set a standard for developers to follow in relation to factors such as actif travel, open spaces and infrastructure together with a requirement for them to produce  masterplans demonstrating a more holistic and integrated approach to development.


The Council was also a signatory to the Place Making Charter and its aims and ambitions were being integrated into the Plan. However, it was important to note the Plan’s preparation represented a starting point and, over time, Supplementary Panning Guidance would be produced to support the Council’s expectations and provide clarity on the expectations on developers.

·       Reference was made to the Housing Growth projections within the report and to whether they would be sustainable given the current economic climate within the United Kingdom.


The Head of Place and Sustainability confirmed that such macro economics were factored into the modelling of long range projections. The Committee was also reminded that the Plan was a ‘living’ document and would be constantly revised/refreshed in response to changing circumstances.

·       With regard to a question on the current position on the impact of the Phosphate Regulations on Developments, the Head of Place and Sustainability confirmed progress was being achieved thereon, albeit slowly, and that Natural Resources Wales was working on its phosphate calculator and mitigating guidance, based on that produced by Carmarthenshire. The Council was also working with developers, Natural Resources Wales and the Nutrient Management Boards on developing more innovative approaches to phosphate mitigation.

·       Reference was made to the provision of homes in the open countryside for local people and the need to address that within the local plan policies. The Committee was reminded that the Council, in preparing the LDP had to have regard to national policies and planning guidance on development within the open countryside. While it endeavoured to develop policies for such provision for example on the basis of local need and affordability, those would need to be evidence based using a test of soundness. Those policies would then be subject to public examination and challenge by the Welsh Government Inspector who would ultimately decide on their inclusion/exclusion from the final Plan


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the progress report be received.

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