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(NOTE: Councillor R. Sparks having earlier declared an interest in this item re-declared that interest and remained in the meeting.


The Committee considered the 2023/24 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring reports for the Housing, Regeneration and Property, Place and Sustainability and Leisure and Recreation Services for the period up to the 31st August, 2023. It was noted that the revenue budget was forecasting a £36k overspend, the capital budget a £28,568k underspend, whilst the Housing Revenue Account was forecasting a £81k overspend.


The following questions/issues were raised on the report:-


·     In response to a query regarding a £26k shortfall in income for Burry Port Harbour being attributed to a shortfall in car parking income, the Head of Leisure advised the reasons for the shortfall were multi-faceted. Those included the current position with the Harbour tenants having entered into administration (which had impacted on the numbers of boat owners using the harbour), the cost of upgrading the car park together with the absence of car parking enforcement. Discussions were, however, ongoing with the Highways Division on the enforcement resource within all the coastal car parks to improve parking income.

·       With regard to the current position with Burry Port Harbour, following the tenants having entered into administration, the Head of Leisure advised that regular discussions were held with the administrators and it was anticipated an options report would be submitted to Cabinet in the new year on the Harbour’s future operation. It was also noted that monthly stakeholder meetings were held with local members and other interested stakeholders to apprise them of the current position.

·       In relation to the £78k anticipated shortfall in the operation of the Pendine Outdoor Education Centre, the Head of Leisure reported that whilst efficiency savings and remodelling of the Outdoor Education Offer had been previously agreed, it had become necessary for those to be slipped forward a year when it became evident the timeline of achieving a completely re-modelled service would not be achieved. However, the target income was still detailed within the budget and that had contributed towards the overspend.


With regard to usage of the centre itself, while it was still being booked by schools, the facilities were coming to the end of their operational  life and, at some point, would not be safe for continued use.

·       In relation to the £211k overspend on the Pendine Attractor Project, the Head of Leisure reported that was attributable to the Council’s decision to not franchise its operation but to manage it in-house and the start-up costs associated with that decision. However, it was anticipated the centre would achieve a break-even position by the end of the current financial year and, thereafter, would operate at a profit.

·       With regard to the £219k budget for the Llanelli Joint Venture the Head of Regeneration, Policy and Digital confirmed it was an agreement between the Council and the Welsh Government to bring forward sites within the defined Llanelli JV area for economic development and regeneration with the income from their sale being used to support regeneration e.g. current funding was being used to support the Pentre Awel project. It was also confirmed the Committee could be provided with details of sites earmarked for development over the next three years.

·       The Head of Leisure in response to a question on the future of the Kidwelly Tinplate Museum, confirmed officers were currently looking to develop a 10-15 year plan for the site.


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Report be received.

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