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The Committee considered the Draft Local Toilet Strategy. Presented by Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste and Infrastructure Services it was highlighted that Part 8 of the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017: Provision of Toilets came into force on 31 May 2018 and placed a duty on each Local Authority in Wales to prepare and publish a Local Toilet Strategy for its area. 


Furthermore, the Committee was informed that that whilst there was no statutory requirement for Local Authorities to provide public toilets, the duty to prepare a Strategy did not in itself require Local Authorities to provide and maintain public toilets themselves.  Local Authorities were however required to take a strategic view on how these facilities could be provided and accessed by the local population. In doing so it is envisaged that local authorities would consider a full range of options for making facilities available to the public.



The following comments/queries were raised on the report:-


·       In acknowledging the draft report, it was suggested that in prior to the completion of the final report that Officers explore the possibility of accessing funding through the Brilliant Basic Fund.  It was commented that other Authorities have utilised this fund for public facilities.  The Business Improvement Manager stated that all possible funding streams would be considered and that suggestions of funding opportunities were welcome.


·       It was commented that whilst providing public conveniences was not a statutory duty of the council, it must be acknowledged that it was a basic human need and that particularly the elderly for example may not visit an area that does not have an available public convenience which would in turn impact the economy.  In addition, it was recognised that some Town and Community Councils have a public convenience within their jurisdiction however, it was commented that the revenue costs were a drain on their budgets particularly where repeated vandalism was a problem.  It was asked, how else would toilet facilities be provided?   Taking all what had been raised on board, the Business Improvement Manager agreed that further considerations and exploration was necessary to support the provision of toilet facilities for the Carmarthenshire.


·       It was raised that it was important to include considerations into ensuring that adequate toilet facilities were available in out-of-town shopping areas.  A solution could be achieved by supporting local businesses in providing a public toilet facility.  This would be beneficial for the business and the customer. The Business Improvement Manager concurred with the comments and suggestions and stated that it would be beneficial in supporting local businesses to support the needs of community.


·       A Member of the Committee explained that he had been in discussions with a representative of the West Wales Prostate Cancer Support Group regarding the Boys need Bins campaign.  The campaign worked to raise awareness about male incontinence and the need for bins in male toilets.  In response to an offer made by the support group who would provide the bins for a minimal cost, it was asked if the Council could support this initiative by placing the bins for male continence products in male toilets within Council run facilities including leisure centres, libraries, museums and theatres.  The Business Improvement Manager in acknowledging the importance of the Campaign stated that she would be happy to discuss the matter further seeking the necessary details.


·       In response to a concern regarding the potential charge increases to access toilets, the Business Improvement Manager stated that whilst she was not able to promise that the charges would not be increased in the future, it would be the last resort, after all other avenues had been exhausted.


·       A further suggestion was provided to officers to minimise the maintenance and cleaning costs of toilets in Carmarthenshire would be to link up with colleges who carry out City and Guilds qualifications encouraging young people to get involved and develop business plans enabling them to manage the facility.  The Business Improvement Manager thanked for the suggestion and would consider going forward.


·       It was suggested that the planning phase of electric car charging stations would be an opportunity to consider the provision of toilets.  In acknowledging the significant increase in car charging facilities being placed in towns and rural villages where the occupants of the vehicle may have to wait a period of time prior to a sufficient charge is obtained, it was felt that planning department should consider the opportunity to place a toilet close to areas where more than 5 charging points are established.


·       In response to a query regarding the final report, the Business Improvement Manager stated that a final report would be ready for consideration in April 2024 this would provide sufficient time to engage with businesses and seek further funding streams taking on board the suggestions raised by Members.


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED TO RECOMMEND TO CABINET that the draft local toilet Strategy be endorsed subject to the consideration of the Committee’s comments and suggestions raised particularly:-

·      To pilot the Boys need Bins Campaign

·      That the Planning department consider placing toilet provisions alongside car charging areas of 5 or more points.


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