Committee details

County Council

Purpose of committee

The Council is composed of 75 councillors normally elected every five years.


All councillors meet together as the Council. Meetings of the Council are normally open to the public. Here councillors decide the Council’s overall policies and set the budget each year. The Council has a Cabinet which is responsible in turn for implementing polices agreed by the Council and taking executive decisions on matters which are not the responsibility of the Council or of one of its committees. The Council also approves the Constitution, the forward programme and the rules of debate for meetings of the Council, the Cabinet and Committees


Council Forward Work Programme.




Members of the public, provided that they are residents of the County, own a business located within the County or are employed within the County may ask questions of members of the Cabinet at ordinary meetings of the Council.


To ask a question you need to delivering it in writing or by electronic mail to the Chief Executive (e-mail ) no later than 10.00 a.m. 7 clear working days before a meeting (i.e. clear days does not include the day the question is received or the day of the meeting).


When submitting your question, you must include your name and address (include your business name and address if you own a business located in Carmarthenshire or work in Carmarthenshire but live elsewhere) and you must name the member of the Council to whom it is to be put.


For further information contact or 01267 224028.