Committee details

Dyfed Pension Fund Committee

Purpose of committee

Within Carmarthenshire County Council’s constitution, a pension committee must be set up for the Dyfed Pension Fund to:


To decide on all the policy matters and strategic direction relating to the investments of the Pension Fund


To review and monitor the investment performance of the Fund


To review and determine on all Pension Fund Valuation matters of the fund


To determine on Administering Pension Fund Authority policy and strategic matters


Pension Committee  Terms of Reference


 To exercise the County Council’s responsibility for the management of the Dyfed Pension Fund, including the management of the administration of the benefits and strategic management of Fund assets


 To meet at least quarterly, or otherwise as necessary


 To produce an Annual Report by 30 September each year on the state of the Fund and on the investment activities during the year


 To have overall responsibility for investment policy and monitor overall performance


 To review governance arrangements and the effective use of its advisers to ensure good decision-making


 To receive regular reports on Scheme administration to ensure that best practice standards are satisfied and met and to satisfy itself that and justify to all stakeholders, including Fund Employers that the Fund is being run on an effective basis


 To appoint Investment Managers to discharge functions relating to the management of the Fund’s investments


 To appoint the Fund’s custodian, performance measurement adviser, actuary, independent adviser and AVC provider


 To approve a Funding Strategy Statement and Investment Strategy Statement