Register of interests

Cllr. Martyn Palfreman

I, Cllr. Martyn Palfreman, a Member of Carmarthenshire County Council give notice that I have the following financial interests

1. Details of employment (please state full or part-time and name of employer).
Name of Employer Description of Employment
Self-employed Management Consultant -
Practice Solutions Ltd Associate Consultant (part-time)
Hugh Irwin Associates Associate Consultant (part-time)
2. Name(s) of Company(ies) in which I have a financial interest (including as a partner/director).
Company(ies) name(s)
Director of Martyn Palfreman Consulting Ltd
3. Details of donations received by me in respect of my election expenses
Name of body making donation Amount of donation
Llanelli Constituency Labour Party Donation Edward Skinner donation £430.91 & £110.50 respectively
4. Name(s) of any corporate body/ies having a place of business or land in the authority's area, and in which I have a beneficial interest in a class of securities of that body/those bodies that exceeds the value of £25,000, or one hundreth of the total issued share capital of that body/those bodies (whichever is the lower).
Name of Company
5. Details of any contract for goods, services or works made between the Authority and myself, or any business in which I have an interest
Details of contract Name of business in which I have an interest
Consultancy Support (April 2022 - March 2023 West Wales Care Partnership, c/o Carmarthenshire County Council - concluded (05/06/23)
Consultancy Support (Commences May 2022) Baseline Assessments with Carmarthenshire County Council - due to conclude in June 2023
6. Details of any land in which I, or a member of my family have/has a beneficial interest and which is in the area of the Authority (include address of any properties owned by you or your family
Address of land/property
Home address declared and withheld
7. Details of any land where the landlord is the Authority and the tenant is a firm in which I have a beneficial interest
Address/Description of Land Description of interest
None -
8. Details of any land in the Authority's area in which I have a licence (alone or jointly with others) to occupy for one month or longer
Address/description of land Term of licence
None -
9. I also declare that I am a member or hold a position of general control or management of the following
Name of Organisation/Body Position held
Calon Church, Ammanford No longer a Member (05/06/23)
Ty Gwyn Community Church, Llanelli Member
10. New Line
Title for Only Column