Register of interests

Cllr. Liam Bowen

This register of interests was published on Wednesday, 10th May, 2023, 10.18 am.

I, Cllr. Liam Bowen, a Member of Carmarthenshire County Council give notice that I have the following financial interests

1. Details of employment (please state full or part-time and name of employer).
Name of Employer Description of Employment
S4C Rol llawn-amser - Swyddog Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol (Chwaraeon)
2. Name(s) of Company(ies) in which I have a financial interest (including as a partner/director).
Company(ies) name(s)
3. Details of donations received by me in respect of my election expenses
Name of body making donation Amount of donation
£167.67 Grwp Cynghorwyr Plaid Cymru Sir Gar
4. Name(s) of any corporate body/ies having a place of business or land in the authority's area, and in which I have a beneficial interest in a class of securities of that body/those bodies that exceeds the value of £25,000, or one hundreth of the total issued share capital of that body/those bodies (whichever is the lower).
Name of Company
5. Details of any contract for goods, services or works made between the Authority and myself, or any business in which I have an interest
Details of contract Name of business in which I have an interest
6. Details of any land in which I, or a member of my family have/has a beneficial interest and which is in the area of the Authority (include address of any properties owned by you or your family
Address of land/property
Cyfeiriad cartref wedi'i ddatgan a'i gadw'n ol
7. Details of any land where the landlord is the Authority and the tenant is a firm in which I have a beneficial interest
Address/Description of Land Description of interest
8. Details of any land in the Authority's area in which I have a licence (alone or jointly with others) to occupy for one month or longer
Address/description of land Term of licence
9. I also declare that I am a member or hold a position of general control or management of the following
Name of Organisation/Body Position held
Clwb Pel-droed Bancffosfelen
Cymdeithas Parc Pontyberem
Neuadd Goffa Pontyberem
Capel Caersalem, Pontyberem
Undeb - BECTU
Cyngor Cymuned Pontyberem Aelod
Ysgol Pontyberem Llywodraethwr
Ysgol Bancffosfelen Llywodraethwr
Bwrdd Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli Aelod
10. New Line
Title for Only Column