Current ePetitions

An e-Petition is a petition which collects signatures online. This allows petitions and supporting information to be made available to a potentially much wider audience than a traditional paper based petition.

Anyone who lives or works in Carmarthenshire can organise or sign a petition, including those under the age of 18.

Petitions are part of the Council’s ongoing commitment to listening to and acting on the views of the public.

There are two types of petitions: Petitions which are signed by fewer than 50 registered electors in respect of paper copies or fewer than 300 electors in respect of e-petitions will automatically be referred to the department responsible for the service area, who will respond directly to the petitioner. Petitions submitted to the Council meeting (under Council Procedure Rule 10B) must include 50 registered elector signatures for paper copies and 300 registered elector signatures for e- petitions. Paper petitions can be submitted to the Chief Executive via the Head of Democratic Services, Chief Executive’s Department, Carmarthenshire County Council, County Hall, Carmarthen. SA31 1JP.

Select an earlier date range below to find completed e-Petitions and responses from the Council.

Title Respondents Deadline to sign by
Stop using herbicides for spraying public areas 45 17/09/2024
Llangennech Bin Removals 2 Finished
Build Ysgol Heol goffa a new school 744 Finished

Supporting an e-Petition

To support an existing e-Petition choose an e-Petition and log on or register to include your name, address and postcode .

To find out more about the issue, see the supporting information, provided by the lead petitioner, attached to the e-Petition.

Submitting an e-Petition

A Petition can relate to a function that is within the Council’s powers or duties, or affects the area of the Authority or part of it, or the inhabitants of that area or some of them..


This Council accepts no liability for the petitions on these web pages. The views expressed in the petitions do not necessarily reflect those of the providers.