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The Committee considered a report on the proposals for the adoption of a Placemaking Plan for Burry Port prior to its consideration by the Cabinet at its June meeting. The Plan had been developed with key stakeholders in the area to identify opportunities that aligned with the recovery proposals for the town centre with the regeneration aspirations of the harbourside to ensure Burry Port maximised the impact of planned regeneration in the local area. It was noted the themes that emerged from the Plan would guide and support future funding applications with its main aims being to:


Ø  Grow existing business,

Ø  Maximise job creation,

Ø  Support the development of a knowledge economy,

Ø  Developing distinctiveness of the area,

Ø  Identify current and future role of service provision in the community,

Ø  Support opportunities for sustainable energy provision,

Ø  Establish sustainable income generation for future growth,

Ø  Increase resilience, sustainability and future growth of the town and surrounding feeder communities.


The following questions/issues were raised on the report:

·       Reference was made to the planned 250 home development on the former Grillo Site, together with other recent housing provision, and to whether any consideration had been given to the impact those developments could have on dental and GP services, especially as there was now only one GP surgery serving the whole of the area.


The Head of Regeneration advised that the proposed development currently had the benefit of outline planning permission. As the development progressed through the formal planning process, any potential impact on health provision in the area would be considered as part of that process

·       In response to a question on section 4 of the report on ‘movement’, and to whether the existing free parking provision on Seaview would be retained, the Head of Regeneration advised that it would not be possible at the present time to guarantee its continued provision. That would be dependent upon any future discussions by the Council as part of its car parking strategy.

·       The Head of Regeneration in response to several questions on various aspects of the Plan advised the Committee that it had been commissioned in 2021 and completed in May 2022. The Plan was therefore reflective of a given point in time. If the Plan was adopted by Cabinet, the next step would be for the Stakeholders to form a group to take forward and that group would have regard to changing data etc and formulate priorities accordingly. The Regeneration Division would then work with the Group to facilitate the Plan’s provision and to explore funding opportunities.

·       With regard to a question on the provision of the planned new Co-op store, the Head of Regeneration advised the development had been granted planning consent and it was anticipated construction would commence in the near future.

·       Reference was made to the plan, together with future development proposals for Burry Port and to the potential impact that could have on traffic levels for Sandy Road in Llanelli.


The Head of Regeneration advised that developments at Burry Port were being undertaken as part of a Joint Venture with the Welsh Government and any planning consent for future developments would take into consideration the potential impact of increased traffic.


UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the report be received.

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